7 Best Table Tennis Conversion Top – Buyer’s Guide [2022]

Table Tennis Conversion Top

7 Best Table Tennis Conversion Top Comparison Chart

Product Name

Dimensions (Inch)

Weight (Pounds)


Joola108 x 60 x 0.6115Billiard Table
Martin Kilpatrick108 x 60 x 2.290Pool Table
EastPoint Sports108 x 60 x 2.285.5Dining Table Or Pool Table
Harvil108 x 60 x 0.6101Billiard Table
NHL Power Play108 x 60 x 0.6139Hockey Table
Hathaway58 x 34 x 488Pool Table
STIGA Duo108 x 60 x 30110Air Hockey Tables, Pool Tables

Purchasing your own table tennis conversion top is excellent if you like recreational sports every once in a while or you’re actually into this game. It makes no difference if you play with your family, friends or neighbors. Unfortunately, not everyone has space for a large table, which isn’t small at all.

Luckily, the conversion top is a great alternative. Everyone has a table out there. It can be a pool or billiard table or even your dining table. As long as it’s square and in the right size, setting your own table tennis table becomes a piece of cake.

The top goes on the table and mounts to it. It’s imperative for the top to be in the right size or your whole experience will be terrible. At the same time, there are plenty of choices out there, while price discrepancies are quite significant.

To most people, buying a conversion top can be daunting, yet it’s not impossible. It pays off browsing the best-selling items on the market, as well as the top-rated ones. You want a product from a well-established company that can deliver quality and good service.

Now, what are the most important things to consider before actually analyzing the best-selling products?

How to choose the perfect Table Tennis Conversion Top

The actual size is by far the most common consideration in the process – and not just the size of the top, but also the size of the room. In terms of top sizing, it should be about the same size as your current table. It will work even if it’s slightly larger, as long as you make sure you can mount it to the table. Plus, the edges will be a bit in the air.

It won’t affect the gameplay, yet those sharp points can be risky. On the same note, the top will work if it’s slightly smaller too since there’s a small chance for the ball to fall on the actual edge.

The size of the room is just as important. Make sure the players have plenty of space to turn around, move, jump and serve. Keep in mind that although you might have plenty of space for your dining table, it may not really work for table tennis, as the sport involves plenty of movement.

Sometimes, you might need to move the current table outside or in a garage. Generally speaking, this purchase demands lots of measuring – double-check everything before placing an order.

As for the top thickness, it should be around an inch. Most tennis tables (not tops) come in a standard size – one inch. Even professionals would stick to this standard because it’s closer to the real experience. With a top, you can go lower.

How about the mounting mechanism? Some of them are metallic and quite harsh, so they might damage the pool or dining table. Some others cannot even accommodate pool tables. These mechanisms should have some rubber or plastic elements or you can easily scratch an expensive dining table.

The material is also essential because it will affect the gameplay. Different materials will cause the ball to bounce differently. Some of them provide more speed, while others offer more control over the ball.

Now, assuming that you have done your homework, deciding on the right table tennis conversion top is quite tricky. Most products promise you the same things, even if some of them cost three times more than others. Where’s the catch then? It’s imperative to spot the difference between a manufacturer’s specification and reality.

So, what are the best-rated table tennis conversion tops and what makes them so popular?

1. JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top with Foam Backing and Net Set

JOOLA is a common name when it comes to table tennis products. Whether it comes to paddles, tables or conversion tops, each of this manufacturer’s products is among the best-rated products in its segment. This conversion top makes no exception either. Not only it will help entertaining friends or family, but it might actually build the path to a real table in the future.

Safe Padding Installation

JOOLA’s table tennis conversion top is different from the old-fashioned models that used to come with scratchy mounting mechanisms. In fact, it’s designed to go on any surface if the size is right with no risks at all. It makes no difference if you have an expensive billiard pool or a hardwood dining table.

The bottom side of this top is covered in EVA foam padding. Even if you accidentally move the top while it’s in contact with the table, it still won’t cause any damage.

EVA foam represents an innovative polymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It’s most commonly used in flooring, but it gained popularity in sports equipment and tools too. It’s easy to tell why. While it looks and feels like rubber, it’s actually softer and more flexible.

It will face the test of time, so there are no worries about its durability. After all, it’s crack resistant. Finally, it has a shiny appearance and it’s waterproof.

Quality Surface on a Thick Base

There are multiple reasons wherefore this conversion top sells so well, whether you count the gameplay or its quality standards. In terms of quality, you have one of JOOLA’s copyrighted surface materials, which is durable and delivers a consistent bounce.

It’s easy to test the actual bouncing – drop a ball on the table and see how high it can go back after it bounces. The more bounces you have, the better.

As for the thickness, it’s a bit thinner than regular tennis tables – about 5/8 of an inch. The MDF material is thick enough to ensure good gameplay, as well as a good weight. You don’t want a top that moves whenever your touches, but a stable one.

Furthermore, the material can warp over time, hence the necessity of extra thickness. There’s nothing to worry about for this size though.

Technical Specifications

  • Comes in two halves for easy storage and installation
  • Charcoal black surface
  • EVA foam padding on the bottom to protect the table and ensure stability
  • Recommended for 8 foot long tables, but it works with smaller models too
  • Comes with a post set and a net
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Made of MDF
  • 5/8 of an inch in thickness
  • Weighs 115 pounds

2. Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Table Tennis Top for Pool Table

Martin Kilpatrick’s table tennis products leave no room for mistakes. The manufacturer has ditched all the bells and whistles that no one could find a use for. Instead, he has focused on nothing but basic features, yet everything is extremely well put together. When you get a table tennis conversion top, it will feel like a real table.

Damage-Proof Conversion

The potential damage is one of the main considerations in terms of installing conversion tops. While some of them are just heavy and fitted with rubber underneath to prevent scratching surfaces, most of them have mounting mechanisms.

These mechanisms are also fitted with some extra protection, yet there’s still a risk, especially in the long run. This table tennis conversion top is different though.

Net posts don’t clamp under the top. This kind of mechanism tends to push the table up, so it wouldn’t be straight. With Martin Kilpatrick’s top, these issues are history. You can install the top on wide pool tables and it wouldn’t affect your gameplay.

It doesn’t mean the net posts are loose or fragile though. It’s just that they can be installed on the actual surface, so there’s nothing going on under the top. In other words, the top can be in the exact same size as your dining or pool table, not slightly larger.

Wooden Durability

Despite being a top and not an actual table, this model will provide a professional experience. Apart from coming in an official size, it’s also thick enough to ensure it doesn’t warp or affect the gameplay – ¾ of an inch, almost as thick as an actual table.

The top is made of wood. If you’re passionate about table tennis or you have some experience, you probably know already that wood is regarded to be the high-end solution. When mixed with German quality standards, there are literally no flaws about this top.

On another note, apart from green, the table is also available in gray or blue. No matter what the color is, the other features are unchanged, so you can count on the same flawless durability. The manufacturer is so confident in its table top that it backs it up with a three-year warranty.

Technical Specifications

  • ¾ of an inch in thickness
  • 9×5 feet in size
  • 90 pounds in weight
  • Has 1.5-inch regulation rails
  • Net set included
  • Adhesive foam pads for protection
  • Can fit smaller tables, as well as same size tables
  • Surface connectors prevent separation
  • Foam pads for protection
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Available in more colors

3. EastPoint Sports Foldable Table Tennis Conversion Top

With pretty much any kind of gaming table and accessory in-store, EastPoint Sports has managed to create the simplest, yet most efficient table tennis conversion top on the market. It’s easy to tell why – this table has no innovative features or bells and whistles, but just the basics.

It’s so well put together that you’ll feel like a professional even if you’re just entertaining friends in your garage.

Professional Standards

Most conversion tops are designed for amateurs. They’re recommended to those who want to entertain themselves every once in a while, as well as those wherefore table tennis is a hobby. Those who aim to become professional will invest in a real table.

That’s why tops come in all kinds of sizes. With all these, this table tennis conversion top aims to make you feel like a professional. It comes in the official tournament size – 9×5 feet.

In terms of thickness, it only measures 0.47 inches in thickness – not as thick as a table, but keep in mind that it should go on another table – be it a dining table or a pool table. Therefore, it will get thicker eventually, so the ball won’t bounce too badly.

Convenient Design

While some people choose to leave their table tennis tops on even after they finish playing, this one won’t really match the décor of your living room. Sure, you can leave it on in a gaming room, maybe even have a coffee on it. But then, storing it is piece of cake – it folds without using any tools.

It only weighs 85.5 pounds – less than other models in this segment. You can fold or install it without any help. The table top has a four piece hinged construction for a more comfortable experience. Once it becomes compact, you can hide it under a couch or in a closet.

Technical Specifications

  • Official tournament size – 9×5 feet
  • 12mm in thickness
  • 85.5 pounds in weight
  • Four pieces hinged design for easy folding
  • Comes with a net, post system, and 8 foam pads

4. Harvil Table Tennis Conversion Top

Designed as a full set, this table tennis conversion top from Harvil is more than just an attachment to your pool or dining table. The manufacturer aims to provide the same quality standards you can find in more professional companies while keeping the price tag at an affordable rate.

Heavy and Solid

When looking for a conversion top, plenty of people look for simplicity – a cheap, thin and lightweight model. None of these characteristics underlines quality though. Keep in mind that even if the table top is heavy, managing it is still piece of cake. Many tops are foldable and can be stored without too much hassle.

When compared to other units, this top is heavy. It weighs 101 pounds – up to 30% more than other tops in this segment. To make storage and installation easy, the manufacturer has made it foldable, so moving it around or putting it on a table is not so hard. Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient given the size of each half – 4.5×5 feet, but then, there are at least two people playing the game, so you’ll always have some help nearby.

Weight underlines quality – heavy sturdy materials, as well as stability.

Fiber Wood and Accessories

Wood is the ultimate material in table tennis and guarantees for durability, a good gameplay and no influence on the ball. In terms of quality, most professional tables are made of wood. This top makes no exception either. The dense fiber wood makes the table feel sturdy and gives the ball some integrity – just what you need. No one wants a table that reflects the ball in all random directions.

As for accessories, Harvil has designed a whole set – you have black metal posts, as well as a sturdy net. Most companies include a net though, yet the metal posts are not so common. Paddles and balls are not included. If you want to try your table as soon as you get it, you better make sure you buy them as well.

Technical Specifications

  • Made of fiber wood
  • 8 EVA foam paddings for protection – 3.94 inches for each
  • Weighs over 101 pounds
  • Standard tournament size – 9×5 feet
  • Cool blue design with sponge rubber strips and edge banding
  • Comes with a net and metallic posts

5. NHL Power Play Hover Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top

Known for introducing a series of innovations in terms of sports accessories, EastPoint Sports has chosen to impress one more time with an upgraded table tennis conversion top. This isn’t the average table top that you can install anywhere, but a double unit that also allows you to play hover hockey.

Multipurpose Features

Forget about measuring tables around your house and figuring whether the table top can match them. This model comes with its own table. It’s not a tennis table though, but a hover hockey table. The table has an aerated design and won’t affect your gameplay. Despite the size, it’s not one of those bulky pieces of furniture – just under 139 pounds in weight.

When you’re tired of hover hockey, the table tennis top comes into play for extra versatility. Since it belongs to the set, it obviously comes in the perfect size. It’s easy to mount and it provides a solid gaming experience. Practically, this table can turn a boring room into an entertainment room.

The manufacturer has included everything you need to start playing as soon as you get the item – 2 pushers and 2 pucks, 2 table tennis paddles and 2 balls, as well as the post system and a net. The hover hockey table requires batteries. Those are not included though.

GlazeTek Compound Coating

Given the sophisticated design of this gaming table, its durability is the main consideration, as well as its maintenance. Luckily, there’s not much to do apart from cleaning dust every once in a while. The GlazeTek play surface technology adds to the sharp appearance of your table.

The compound coating is engineered to resist scratches, but also to ensure brightness and shininess. There are no reasons to restrict your game. The table resists wear and tear, so play your hardest game.

Technical Specifications

  • Weighs 138.6 pounds
  • Measures 80×43 inches
  • 32 inches in height
  • 2 in 1 – hover hockey and table tennis
  • GlazeTek scratch resistant compound coating
  • In-rail LED technology in hover hockey
  • Leg levelers for balance
  • Complete set with all the required accessories

6. Hathaway Quick Set Table Tennis Conversion Top

Designed with simplicity in mind, the quick set conversion top from Hathaway is so well put together that it can easily turn a boring table into the best entertainment solution.

It doesn’t come with any fancy features or unusual innovations, but just the most important requirements for a never-ending table tennis challenge. Based on its features, this table tennis conversion top is intended for indoor use only.

No Scratches, No Drama

Most people overlook this common problem in conversion tops. They end up buying some random units, only to realize that they scratch their pool or dining tables when mounted. Most of these systems go to the actual table and they don’t have too much protection. This model from Hathaway is different though and respects the latest standards in terms of protection.

Simply put, the top comes with underside surface protection. There’s nothing special though, yet such a simple feature will work wonders over time. The respective protection is given by lined pads. Their main role is to prevent marring the table.

Installing the net is piece of cake too. Once done, it won’t get in touch with the table, so it won’t pose any problems either.

Convenient Design

Table tennis conversion tops are supposed to be heavy – sometimes, as heavy as an actual table. This model comes in a standard tournament size – 9×5 feet. Furthermore, it weighs 88 pounds. If you think about its weight and size combined, it seems impossible to move it around.

That’s why most manufacturers design foldable tops. Even so, each half would be 44 pounds in weight and quite uncomfortable to grab. Fortunately, Hathaway has chosen a four piece hinged design. The unit is compactly folded and storing or installing it is piece of cake.

Once straight, there are no gaps by the hinges. Even if the ball falls on the respective areas, they won’t affect its direction. The table top is quite thick – half an inch. Therefore, once installed, everything comes together perfectly. It is coated in PVC laminate for a better look and control of the ball.

Technical Specifications

  • Weighs 88 pounds
  • Standard tournament size – 9×5 feet
  • Protection pads on the underside to prevent scratching the table
  • ½ inch playing surface
  • Surface coated in PVC laminate
  • Can only be used indoors
  • Four piece hinged design
  • Comes with a net and posts

7. STIGA Duo Table Tennis Conversion Top

STIGA is a leading manufacturer of table tennis products. It’s been around for ages and has always relied on simplicity. Table top conversion tops are obviously not designed for professionals, but mostly for entertainment.

STIGA knows that and its flagship model brings in the size and standards of a tournament table at a price that kills the competition.

Balance and Stability

When installing a table tennis conversion top over a table, you certainly want stability. Table tennis is an energetic sport that involves jumping and running. You don’t want to accidentally touch the table and flip it over. You also don’t want it to slide if you push it. Luckily, it’s heavy enough to prevent these issues – 110 pounds, heavier than other models in this segment.

Its weight is given by the quality materials, as well as the ½ inch top. Furthermore, the manufacturer has installed 30-inch stiffeners to balance the unit and provide more stability. They are made of steel, so they’re durable.

Last, but not least, the rail is enhanced with a set of sponge rubber strips. Their main role is to provide some protection, but they add to the stability as well. Sponge rubber doesn’t slip but holds the top firmly in place.

The stripes on the sides allow you to align the top properly.


When investing in a conversion top, chances are you have to do a lot of measuring. This one makes no exception either. You’ll need to measure the table you have and make sure it can take the top. The bad news is that there’s not too much room for interpretation – it either fits or not. Not anymore! STIGA’s conversion top is more versatile and can cover differently sized tables.

Most commonly, you can use this top with a classic 8-foot pool table. There’s nothing to worry about if you have a mini table – it goes on 7-foot pool tables too. As long as they’re within this range, hover hockey tables are also accepted.

Technical Specifications

  • Weighs 110 pounds
  • Measures 9×5 feet
  • Side strips ensure a proper top alignment
  • Works with both 7 and 8-foot pool tables
  • Works with some hover hockey tables
  • Rubber strips provide stability and protect the rail
  • 30-inch center-mounted steel stiffeners
  • Foldable construction
  • ½ inch dark green top
  • 66-inch net included, as well as posts


As a short final conclusion, conversion tops look quite similar in features. However, different manufacturers rely on different quality standards, hence the importance of research. Sure, a table tennis conversion top will never be as efficient as a table, but it’s a top-notch alternative if you lack space or you don’t intend to become a professional.

These are the best-rated conversion tops on the market. They come from established manufacturers and cover the most common features in this industry. Choosing the right one is a personal choice and should match your necessities.

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