STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table – The Secrets Behind A Front Runner

Having your own outdoor table tennis table will clear the necessity of renting one whenever you want to play, not to mention the issues associated with free public tables in parks. You no longer need to wait for other players to leave in order to play a few games, but you can do it in the comfort of your home. Whether you want to play table tennis at night or with your favorite music in the background, investing in your own table will sort out a series of inconveniences. When not sure what model to look at, most specialists recommend going to a top rated table. That’s when STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table comes in to make the difference.

So, what should you know about this table tennis table before spending your money?

Professional Standards

STIGA’s table tennis table is a front-runner from multiple points of view. In terms of construction, you can count on a durable model that will last for ages, whether you store it outside or in your garage. It’s portable, so you can also move it in the patio if the weather is not too good. It’s specifically built to withstand pretty much all weather conditions though.

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The top is entirely made of aluminum composite, just like professional tables used for competitions. It allows a decent ball bouncing capability, but it also lasts. The metallic frame and leg construction carry the same standards. They’re painted white and blue, so they can face rust and other issues, like warping.

The size also carries professional standards – general for most competitions. Whether you play for fun or you train to be a professional, you won’t face any surprises when you move on to a higher level. All in all, the tabletop measures 108×60 inches.

The net is not to be overlooked either. It’s as durable as the tabletop due to the premium outdoor grade material. It’s attached to the top with a threaded clamp attachment. It’s easy to remove and won’t scratch the table surface. You can even adjust the net and increase or decrease the tension setting.

Versatility First

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table is extremely versatile and allows playing a game whenever you feel like – literally. The classic position implies having an opponent. In this position, the table is 108 inches in length – standard size.

However, what happens when you’re alone? What if you don’t know too many table tennis enthusiasts? There’s nothing to worry about – you can still train or enjoy a game by yourself. The playback position implies folding one side of the table. It goes vertically and acts like a little wall. Therefore, you can play alone and sharpen your skills before the next game. In this position, the table width is reduced to 66 inches. You won’t feel the difference though.

If space is a problem for you, the table features a third position – the storage one. You don’t have to move it from one place to another when not in use. Instead, fold it up and roll it wherever you want to store it. When folded, it measures 60x23x64 inches. It’s thin and compact, but it can easily glide into your garage or against a wall.

The versatility of this table goes further than that, as it’s also portable. It features sturdy legs with a cross based design for stability. They’re also foldable. Plus, they come with 3-inch wheels, so you can easily move the table even when completely unfolded.

Wheels are lockable, so the table will stay in place even if you accidentally bump into it. When stored on an uneven ground, adjust the leg levelers for a more stable position.

Specs of Discover what makes STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

  • 60 x 108 x 30 inches when unfolded
  • 60 x 66 x 64 inches in a playback position
  • 60 x23 x 64 inches when completely folded
  • Weighs just under 180 pounds
  • Locking wheels
  • Welded steel legs
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Independent table halves
  • Aluminum top
  • Adjustable net tension
  • 6mm thick top
  • Safety latch system


  • Extremely stable on any surface due to the leg levelers
  • Allows playing without having an actual opponent
  • Can resist rusting, warping and other types of damage
  • Easy to fold, unfold, store and move around
  • Good value for money


  • Although it’s 95% assembled, it still needs some parts put together
  • Might feel heavy when moved on a soft terrain


Bottom line, STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table can certainly stand up in the crowd. Although it’s a basic table tennis table with no fancy bells and whistles, it takes basic features to a professional level. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, it can become the main choice of entertainment in your backyard or garage. It’s durable, built to last and comes with multiple playing options.

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