STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table Review

Table Tennis, popularly known as ping pong is a game played by either two or four players with a ball and paddle-shaped rackets.  Divided by a net, the opponents go head to head to win the round/game by a point system. This game entitles the players to be fit and on their toes at all times. 

As far as the table tennis table is considered, the Stiga brand has earned quite a reputation among the tennis enthusiasts for its design, gameplay, and innovation. One of its most popular tables is the Stiga Triumph Table Tennis Table. Let’s review various aspects of it.

Who should go for it?

Stiga Triumph is a recreational ping pong table that is super fantastic for families with kids, families who want to go all out practicing their game, schools, local tournaments and general social play. Its sleek and crisp design, the remarkable tightness of its net and attention to tiny details like plastic corner guards not only makes it ideal and safe to be around the over-enthusiastic and exuberant players make it an ideal choice.

The table has earned the reputation of successfully surviving the abuse meted out by countless rowdy teenage players. Moreover, it is one of the leading tables in its niche in spite of not being amongst cheap ping pong tables of all leading brands.

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The Assembly of the table is quite different from the assembling of general other tables though it is as easy as it could be. Owning to the weight of the table it is not a one-man job and is easier with few muscles to carry it about and assist in its assembling. The table comes with a 20 minute assembling time but generally, it takes a little longer than it.

The fitting of its hallmark feature, the chassis or support design can be a little tricky but an excellent video on can be requested along with the unit which demonstrates a step –by step assembling process. This takes away any unease or difficulty that you imagined of facing while assembling.

Features and Specification

One of the features that are most touted about by its manufacturers is its ‘Quickplay’ chassis. Its design is made such that the legs self-open. This really facilitates a speedy set up of the table for the impatient rowdy kids raring to hit the ball across the net. Of course, the feature is patented by the brand which makes it an exclusive feature.

Another feature that makes this table very attractive is its convenient and fast conversion to playback position so that one can easily practice for hours at their convenience and in their own time.

The dimension of the tabletop is 5/8 inches thick and its 2-inch steel aprons lend it maximum support and stability. The crisp blue color of the tabletop against the steel aprons gives it a very attractive and sleek look to the table. The table also has a 3-inch mag and its self-opening legs also have curved steel linkages.

Its banding and stripping features that come into play are also well within the regulations. Included with the table is a super quality 66-inch net and post setups. Its ball-bearing casters facilitate easy transportation and the table can be easily moved about. However, the table also comes with the ability to lock itself into place since the table is meant to be around kids and accidental moves may be injurious to the young ones. The lock feature makes the table extra safe to be around children.


There is no doubt that the safety features of the table of plastic corner guards and rounded edges make it extremely popular with families and kids. These guards really make a huge difference. The table gives a fairly consistent bounce and has proven itself to be quite solid and sturdy even with prolonged and rough use.

Owning to wheels, the table folding and towing away is quite a cakewalk. Few people feel the tabletop to be blotchy in view of its cost price of about $500 though it is easily available for around $400 after discount. However, this imperfection does not mitigate its worth and appeal which makes the cost totally worthwhile. For those looking for tough well-designed table, the Stiga Triumph is the table to go for.

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