Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table Review

The Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table has a very catchy design and comes in a shade of black and white. It instantly appeals to the buyer and stands out in the midst of other tables. This is like a breath of fresh air in the monotonous range of blue and green tables. The table has a 5/8” thick surface that offers an excellent bounce throughout the surface.

The table has many advantageous features like the foldable design and the playback position. It also has a 2” steel apron, 3” steel mag wheels, and self-opening legs. The net ad posts are also included in the table. Other features include a 2” thick steel apron which offers extra stability during the game and a steel chassis which improves the stability.

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This table is perfect for amateurs, but can also be used for tournament practices. It has swiveling wheels which allows the table to be pushed around in any direction with much. This portable design combined with the playback feature allows you to practice the game conveniently, on your own.

Quality surface

Each and every player has his/her own style of playing. Some may play normally while others may play aggressively. In this regard, the Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table is perfectly suited for all types of players. The table design has features that make it appropriate for all forces, speeds, and the overall playing styles of different table tennis players. It also offers great resistance, smoothness, and stability that is required for a smooth game. This table is great if you are looking to improve your game skills in this field.


The table is much lighter as compared to most other table tennis tables available in the market. This facilitates the ease of setup and also makes it easier to uninstall the system when you are looking forward to giving it a touch-up. This does not, however, affect the sturdiness of the table. In fact, it has a very superior build quality. It abundantly uses steel aprons and chassis which increase the sturdiness and stability. This makes the Stiga Synergy a solid tennis table that will continue to deliver great performance for many years to come.

Other specifications:

Innovative designs like Widespan and Quickplay

Stiga has always been a notable brand when it comes to table tennis tables. Synergy was released after a long time gap, which was devoted to design development. Therefore, it has many high-end features which are not seen in their earlier releases. Among the most innovative features, the Synergy has both the Widespan and Quickplay design which are meant to upgrade the indoor table tennis experience. These technologies allow the legs of the table to be opened and closed effortlessly while being used on different types of surfaces.

Self-opening legs

The table legs can easily be folded and unfolded irrespective of your strength level. They provide firm support to table tennis and keep them from getting damaged.

Quick play chassis for quick assembly

The Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table features a QuickPlay chassis, which makes the setup a very quick and easy process. It is possible to have a complete assemblage in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. This is the time accounted from the moment you take it out of the box o when it is ready to be played on. The time taken for the setup is much shorter as compared to other table tennis tables. With Synergy, you will also not have to worry about losing the separate parts during the assemblage or disassembly.

3-inch mag wheels

The synergy has 3-inch mag wheels. This makes it very easy to push the table from one side of the table to the other. You will also be able to do so singly and handily without much fuss.

Wheel locks

The legs have a wheel lock that secures the table in place once the installation is complete. This allows for predictable ball movements even as the game gets fiery.

Steel apron

The Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table has an additional 2-inch steel apron. This provides firm support and stability to the table and makes the ball movement more predictable. The apron also has corner protectors so that the players do not hurt themselves during the game.


The Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table comes with a playback feature which means that you can continue with your ping pong practice irrespective of whether you have a playing partner or not. This feature will also go down well with those players who prefer practicing solo. For this, you will just have to lift one side of the table, set it to a vertical position, and start practicing.


  • Quick assembly
  • Steel apron with corner protection
  • 3” mag wheels for better and easier portability
  • No dead spots on the surface. Every part offers an even bounce
  • Self-opening steel legs for a hassle-free setup
  • Wheel locks


  • The top surface of the Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table is not thick enough. Therefore, it does not offer a tournament class game. You can continue your practice, irrespective of that. However, you will not have the assurance that you will experience similar ball movements in your upcoming competitive plays. The table is perfect for casual play, but you may want to go for an alternative if you are practicing for tournaments
  • The surface only has a 5/8 thickness. Therefore, it is not able to offer a good bounce.
  • The table comes only in black, which may not go down well with people who are used to playing on blue or green boards


The Stiga Synergy Table Tennis Table has many innovative and new features. It is very easy to set up and moved from one spot to the other. You can also play solo while making use of the playback feature. It comes at a very affordable price of $400 and is every bit worth the price. Although it may not be suited for competitive play, it is perfect for casual players.

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