Stiga STS 520 Table Tennis Table Review

The Stiga STS 520 is one of the best table tennis tables available around. It is perfect for indoor settings and can be used while practicing for tournaments. This table tennis table falls under the high price category and also has many high-end features. The surface of the table is 1” thick, thus offering the perfect bounce and a smooth game.

However, if you are looking for one with the basic features, intended to be used entirely for recreational purposes, you can settle for the cheaper ones as they will easily tend to all your needs. Getting a costlier table is not necessary as it is sure to get deftly underutilized.

This review covers all the features of the STS 520, its value for money as well as both the pros and cons of using the product. It should throw a clear light on whether it is suitable for you or not.

The most notable feature of STIGA STS 520 – frame

The best feature of the Stiga STS 520 is undoubtedly its frame. As mentioned above, it has a one-inch thick surface which is further reinforced by a 2.5” steel apron. These features together ensure that the tennis ball receives a smooth and consistent bounce on every part of the table. This makes STS 520 a tournament class tennis table.

The apron used over the surface is supported by leg beams made out of steel. These are 2.5 inches thick and very heavy. The legs also have a feature known as levelers that allow the table to be adjusted to an even height throughout even if the flooring is rough and uneven.

The chassis for the table has a very strong cross beam and greatly increases the strength and rigidity of the table. Being made entirely out of top quality steel components, they also give quite a good lasting. Even the steel apron is coated with powder which keeps it from receiving scratches and prevents corrosion.

Since the Stiga STS 520 has been designed with superior quality leg support and cross beams, it offers extra stability during challenging tournaments. If you are constantly in touch with the game, you will easily be able to spot the difference between playing over STS 520 and other tables.

The other important feature – reinforced surface with no dead spots

Stiga STS 520 plays like the best quality tennis tables used during tournaments. The surface is very smooth, even and has a number of reinforcements, including the 1” thick tabletop with silk-screened stripping. This makes sure that the table has no dead spots.

When it comes to the ball bounce, the table offers a constant consistency over every part of the surface. This feature will immediately catch your attention once you start playing over the table.

Specifications and Features

5” legs with levelers

Each of the legs has a 2.5” leveler. This ensures that the table height can be adjusted exactly according to your preference. This comes more useful, especially to maintain an even height on the surface when you are installing the table over the rough flooring.

Corner protectors

The table has corner protectors so that you do not bump against the sharp corner and hurt yourself during the heat of the game

Wheel locks

There are wheel locks attached to the legs so that the table does not run off stray in between games.

  • A 72” premium clipper net and post system are included with the table
  • Weighs 400 pounds

The table weighs as much as 400 pounds. Because of this, only a herculean effort will be able to push the table from its spot, otherwise it is quite impossible to move. This, however, ensures that the table does not move around much even if the match takes an aggressive turn. Either way, the table is in no way going to affect the dynamics of the game.

5 inch Mag wheels

The table has very large wheels known as the 5 inch Mag Wheels at the end of the legs. These are smooth and can easily roll over all types of floorings including tiles, carpets, cement, and even the rough outdoor surfaces. The large wheels ensure that the legs do not stumble, get stuck or damaged.

You will, therefore, be able to set up the tennis table almost anywhere. Once the setup is done, the wheels can be locked in. This will keep the table from moving around unnecessarily and offer a better stability during the game

Neat Ball storage

STIGA STS 520 has a patented ball storage system. This may be its best feature as another table hardly have inbuilt ball storage. The storage system integrated into STS 520 is not only functional, but also easily one of the most elegant ones out there. There is room for ball storage on either side of the table and each one can hold up to 40 balls. This becomes very convenient as you do not have to run around for the balls each time you need one.

The ball storage is also very neat, clean and secure. It is completely hidden away from view and keeps the table looking professional.


  • The table has an inbuilt ball storage system which makes it very convenient during matches
  • The table is fairly priced. It is not too expensive, but has the performance of tournament class tables
  • The top surface has a 25mm coating which offers excellent bounce during the game
  • The table has an even surface and offers the same consistency on every part of it. There are no dead spots
  • It is very stable and remains fixed like a tank at one spot


  • Although it can be assembled and used on the outdoors, it is only recommended for indoor use. The outside weather may cause damage to the table
  • The assemblage process is very hectic and takes a long time. It requires at least two people to be set up properly.


The STIGA STS 520 comes at quite an affordable price and offers the performance of tournament class tables. It remains extremely stable even during rough matches and offers a consistent bounce over the entire surface. The table can be installed at homes for simple recreational purposes and can also be used while practicing for tournaments.

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