Stiga STS 285 Table Tennis Table Review

If you’re looking for a table tennis table that is easy to set up we’ll look no further. The Stiga STS 285 is for you. With its InstaPlay technology, every table tennis enthusiast can immediately play the game since the assembly is no more an issue.

Stiga STS 285ir?source=bk&t=atabletennisracket 20&bm id=default&l=kia&linkId=c53353ea0554b63a5159c8c607dedb75& cb=1507467882928ir?source=bk&t=atabletennisracket 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=28685c3cea6865e10a8cea25b2445228& cb=1507467802826The Stiga STS 285ir?source=bk&t=atabletennisracket 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=070fd8fda30180b93655609c7c1efb10& cb=1507467934728 is quite similar to Stiga InstaPlay which don’t need to be assembled. And once you pulled it out of the box, you can literally play it on the spot with minimal unfolding works.Features and Specifications:

  • No Assembly Required with InstaPlay Technology
  • 3/4″ Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping
  • 2″ Legs and 3″ Mag Wheels with Locks
  • 2″ Powder-Coated Steel Apron with Patented Half-Length Ball Storage
  • 72″ Pivoting Net and Post Set Included- Open and Close Without Removing Net
  • For Indoor Use Only
  • Dimensions: 6.75″ h x 57.00″ w x 62.00″ l, 230.00 pounds

It has a premium look with blue silk-screened striping and a 3/4-inch thick table top. The Stiga STS 285 is durable and has a good level of performance which is ideal for amateur setting and neighborhood tournaments or home games.

Prior to its premium look, the table top is coated sanded and has multiple coats of specially formulated paint.

To have an even bounce of the ball across the entire table top, the 2-inch powder coated steel apron were profiled to support the table.

To protect the floors from scratch, the plastic caps were installed at the base of the table. The square legs are 2-inch thick which are made of heavy-gauge steel.

The table has 3-inch mag ball-bearing wheels with sports tread to smoothly roll over on almost any surface for maximum trans-portability. While playing, you can lock the wheels to keep the table at its place for safety and stability.

Stiga STS 285 InstaPlay Technology with Ball Storage and Corner Protectors

This table tennis table has an InstaPlay technology which requires no assembly. A 100% pre-assembled straight from the box, simply remove the protective packaging and begin playing.

Stiga STS 285 Ball Storage

It has a ball storage integrated into both end aprons for added convenience. The corners have 3D molded plastic protector by preventing scratches and snags, also for families with small children.

Pivoting Net, Post Set, and Independent Table Halves

The Pivoting Net and Post Set with tension adjustment is integrated into the table and remain on the table even when folded.

After use, you can fold the table into super compact storage with safety latch system. And if you want to self-play you can separate the two halves completely as freestanding multi-use tables. Also, each half has an independent caster beam.

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Table Positions

This table has a three position which you can utilize.

  1. Play Position – A usual position where you can play the game and challenge your friends with your tournament- ready table.
  2. Playback Position – If you want to sharpen your playing skills to make you ready for your next match, you can fold the table in this position.
  3. Storage Position – Free up space by folding the table and rolling it away into your storage room.


  • Has a built-in ball storage and holds even in a storage position.
  • Easy lock wheels for safety and stability
  • Less cheap compared to other table tennis tables
  • Can be folded with one side up for self-play
  • With InstaPlay Technology “No Assembly Required”


  • Customer reported sagging on the center of some tables
  • Net holder is plastic
  • Better support needed


Indeed this table tennis table has many features to boast for, like its InstaPlay Technology. With built-in ball storage on the side of the ball while you’re playing. The premium look of its table top which coated with silkscreen striping. This table is durable and has good performance. With its price, much less expensive to other tables out there, you might want to consider this table for your future option.

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