STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

The Stiga Pro Carbon Racket is a premium racket design for the advance to expert players. If you’re a beginner player then I would recommend you to use other cheaper racket because you don’t need this advance racket so early.

I play table tennis occasionally and consider myself an intermediate player. And I believe that the type of racket you use would definitely affect the way you play table tennis. If you’re just learning how to play table tennis, this paddle would not a good choice for you.

The handle of this paddle is comfortable to grip, has also a shock tube. You can use either handshake or penholder style of gripping on this paddle. The head is a bit thicker and the rubber surface stickiness is tacky makes the ball spin faster when made contact.

This paddle produces a less bounce on the ball if you are just holding the racket, so you need to hit the ball bit harder to reflect  a hard shot. If you’re a more defensive player this paddle is good for you. With the stickiness of the rubber, you can control and enhance the spin of the ball.

Features And Specification

  • Carbon Technology – The Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis racket has Two layers of high-performance carbon are integrated into the blade, improving rigidity and response, which results in increased speed and power.
  • Nano Composite Technology – The Nanocomposite in the Stiga Pro Carbon makes a Stronger and tighter bonds in the rubber to increase speed and spin.
  • Balsa Technology – Has an Ultra lightweight balsa wood center-ply helps increase speed and reaction time.
  • The numerous microscopic air-capsules in an ultralight rubber allows high speed to be combined with maximum elasticity and outstanding control.
  • Weight Balance: The balance of the blade is shifted to the point of contact with the ball.

    Rate of Recovery: The decrease in blade weight improves the rate of recovery after each stroke.

    Ball Sensitivity: The strategically positioned recess in the handle provides extra sensitivity of touch.

  • Crystal Technology – STIGA’s unique process that hardens the surface of the blade, thus increasing its speed.
  • With a performance rating of – Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • It has a 7-Ply Extra Light Blade, S5 Rubber, and 2mm Sponge

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis racket is a professionally made with high-quality materials and its rubber is approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) for tournament level.

I found 169 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket 4.7 stars out of 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were few points raised. One customer said, “I did notice one slight indentation on the side of the racket surface on the pro carbon which appears to be from the packaging.”

Aside from this, however, no one else have experience the same packaging situation, so perhaps it isn’t a major problem. Another customer said,“This STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket is definitely a top of the line product. I’ve never used anything better than a standard cheap racket, and you can instantly feel the difference with this one.”

I highly recommend the Stiga Pro Carbon for the intermediate to advanced players that want an upgrade on their paddle to level up their playing skills and performance.


The Stiga Pro Carbon is a premium racket that is made of high-quality materials, design for the intermediate to advanced players. A paddle that enhances the spin and control of your game. A must have racket for the players want to upgrade their skills.

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