STIGA Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

It is quite common for people to feel bored during the weekends yet not have enough energy to go out for some entertainment. At times, when you have friends over, you wish you had something that would enable you to enjoy and have fun.

At such times, games are what prove to be the perfect option. If you are open to the idea of some healthy competition or are an ardent fan of the game, it is a table tennis table that you can consider getting your hands on.

It would ensure that you can play whenever you feel like it and would not have to go through the trouble of going out for it.

STIGA Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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A lot of factors need to be paid heed to when it comes to the purchase of a table tennis table. The first thing that you will need to ensure is that the table is playable and would allow you to enjoy the game with ease.

The size of the table is an important factor as well since you will need to think where you would place it. The table needs to be durable since it is not something that you would purchase every so often.

A lot of other features should also be considered. A plethora of options is available on the market, among which you need to select the one that would be suitable for your use.

If a table tennis table for outdoors is what you are looking for, the STIGA Baja outdoor table tennis table is an option worth consideration since it provides you with all the features that can be of use to you.

Easy assembly

The table is designed in a way that makes it easy for you assemble it. In fact, just one person would be enough for the task. It would not require a lot of tools and within a short span, you will have the table ready for play.

It is equipped with 2-inch self-opening steel legs with leg levelers that provide you with a lot of conveniences. The 5-inch double wheels with all-terrain tires and locks also make things a whole lot easier for you.

The size of the table is such that it makes it perfect for placing in a garage or deck.


You will find that this table is constructed using profound quality of materials. Hence, it is highly durable and you can be confident that it will last for a long time.

It is provided with an aluminum composite top that does not carry the risk of warping or rusting. Furthermore, it is equipped with a heavy-duty welded steel apron and a 72-inch net which is provided with the ability to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

Thus, you would not have to worry about the table giving up on you anytime soon since it is provided with all the measures that make it long lasting.

Specifications of Stiga Baja outdoor table tennis table

  • Highly durable
  • Suitable size for placing in a deck, garage, or any covered area on the porch
  • Easy to assemble and does not take long
  • Aluminum composite top that does not warp or rust
  • 2-inch self-opening steel legs with leg levelers, making it easy for you to adjust the size of the table
  • 5-inch all-terrain double wheels with locks that make it easy for you to transport the table
  • 72-inch net that is capable of withstanding all type of weather conditions
  • Heavy-duty welded steel support frame
  • Steel cross beam and galvanized hardware supports to provide it with a sturdy construction
  • Protection from snags due to the molded corner protectors

Customers’ reviews

This outdoor table tennis table has managed to attain a customer rating of 3 out of 5 stars. This gives the impression that it has managed to provide satisfactory results.

Most of the people who have purchased the table have found it great for casual playing. The only complaint that has been made with regards to the product is that it lacks a bit of bounce in the center.

This is something that would only bother those who are serious about the game and are looking for the perfect table to practice for competitions.

If casual playing is what you are interested in, this table will manage to fulfill your requirements with ease. People have also appreciated the durability and easy assembly that the table offers.

It is apparent that meticulous attention has been paid to the construction of the table and the makers have endeavored to ensure that the people get what they are looking for and do not have a reason to be disappointed.

Thus, if this is the table that you opt for, you will not have to regret your selection since it has quite a bit to offer.

For starters, it is durable and provided with all the required measures to ensure that no harm befalls it within a short span. Thus, you would not have to worry about your money going down the drain within a short time of usage.

Furthermore, the assembly is not something that you would have trouble with, and you would not need to acquire outside help for it. It can be done within a short time with a lot of ease and with the help of just a few basic tools. Quality is another thing that would manage to impress you.


All in all, STIGA Baja Outdoor Table Tennis Table is everything that you can hope for and more. There is no denying that there is room for improvement, but on the whole, this table manages to impress and ensure that you get something that would allow you to indulge in casual games with ease.

Hence, if you are looking for a table tennis table, take a look at everything that this one has to offer you, and you will find that there is quite a strong case in its favor. You will not feel as though your money has been wasted if this is the table that you opt for.

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