14 Ping Pong Techniques – Tips to Improve Your Game

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Table Tennis or Ping Pong may not be your conventional game, which sets a height, weight or body built limit, but do not underestimate this sports.  It is equally as challenging as the other sports you are familiar with.

If you want to engage in playing table tennis, you should possess agility, stamina, and accuracy. Deep knowledge of Ping Pong Techniques is also inevitable to secure your victory in every game.  Before we talk about these techniques, let me advise you on the basics first.

The first essential you should know is selecting the right paddle. How can you do this? You might say all paddles look similar. Well, that’s exactly correct. However, selecting the appropriate paddle means picking one, which you are most comfortable with. When you make the right choice, you can move with ease in every game you play.

Remember this: Once you purchased your paddle, treat it as your ultimate companion. Never, change paddles. Doing so can definitely affect your game. Being familiar with this small piece of wood will bring you to success! Control is a great factor in winning a game and it cannot be accomplished when you change paddles often.

Now let’s discuss the tips for you to master the game of Ping Pong:

Ping Pong Techniques – Tips to Improve Your Game

1. Learn the different types of grip

In Ping Pong, the different types of grip are your weapons.  Start with the 2 basic types which are the handshake and penhold. As you become more attached and inclined with the game, you may use other types of grips. Each type of grip is aimed to produce particular results. You may also make some combinations that will help you survive any match.

2. Be quick and alert!

The grips plus your agility will maximize your chance of winning! Your hands, feet, and mind working as one can secure your triumph!

3. Your footwork would do wonders

Footwork aids in making effective shots. Your timing is greatly affected by your footwork. The feet should be positioned to allow free movements in any direction, whether you’re aiming to move backward, forward or sideward. One of your feet should be slightly positioned forward while leaving the other foot at the back. In this manner, you can receive the ball with ease. The body is balanced by both legs. Your position should change from time to time so as to allow more body movements.

4. Ready, set, serve

A good serve will determine your control of the hit.  Through the served ball, you can also predict and direct the return ball.

5. Heavy Spin

This is a great technique to confuse the opponent. Thus, a missed ball may happen if your opponent is not alert enough! Practice this spin and you will find it very useful in any match you will have. How can you spin the ball heavily? You must hit the ball in a sliding/brushing manner in order to make it spin. But as a beginner, you should start with a backspin serve. A backspin is done by sliding the paddle underneath the ball when hitting it.

Another trick is to make a fast serve. Doing otherwise will give your opponent a chance to hit the ball powerfully, remember the ball should reach your opponent’s side at a fast speed.  This will make him/her return the ball softly. Then, you will have a chance to strike back strategically.

6. Return the Serve

You should return the ball in a manner, that the other player will have difficulty in attacking it forcefully.  Be mindful of your opponent’s paddle

Your eyes should stay in contact with the other player’s paddle. Never look constantly at the ball. The ball can deceive you. Looking at the paddle will enable you to calculate and predict your opponent’s move.

7. The Drive and The Push

Use the drive and push technique, so you can achieve ball control with accuracy and consistency. The backhand drive and forehand drive are both useful in releasing attacks, both in serving and returning attacks.

A backhand push is a defensive push. While a forehand push is a tough stroke to perform. It requires the player to push the ball through its back and under.

8. The Art of Control

Ping Pong ball should not be stroked too hard. The ball should end where you intended it to land. Balance is the key to control the ball. Keeping control of the ball enable you to control the game!

9. Know the third ball attack

It is a strike you make after the ball was served and the opponent returns it.

A third ball attack enables you to gain control of how the opponent will strike the ball. This can be used to your advantage.

10. Be Patient

When you lose your patience its game over! Losing your patience also means losing your control over how you play.  Patience enables you to think more strategies for your match. When you miss some of your hits or the opponent has advantages in terms of the game, calm down. Do not let your temper consume you. Breathe and take some time to think about how you can play better.

You cannot win every game, but you can always do your best shot!

11. Aim for the Corner and Edges

A corner land is difficult to return. However, if you are not sure how to do this, just use another trick. You might end up tossing the ball outside the table. Thus, giving an advantage to your opponent.

12. Practice!

As the old saying goes” Practice makes perfect!” You may do a solo practice or you may join clubs, wherein you can play with other players. Belonging to a group enable you to enjoy the game more and gain insights from other Pros. Plus, joining clubs gives you a sense of belongingness.

13. Know the rules of the game

This will prevent you from committing fouls. Fouls are never your advantage. You would not like to create such an offense.

14. Know the basics

All type of sports player should know the basics. Because this is your foundation to become one of the best.


Do you want to be good at this sport? You may not become the best player immediately, however through constant practice, dedication and with the help of this techniques, your on your way to becoming one of the best table tennis players.

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