The Killerspin Myt4 Pocket Table Tennis Table Review

If you’re looking for a table for your next family weekend gathering, but you’re on a tight budget – Killerspin MYT4 might be the one you’re searching for.

Made from high-quality materials, you can be sure of its durability. Indeed, with the kind of quality it has, it will provide years of fun and entertainment for your friends and family.

The Killerspin Myt4 Review

Killerspin MYT4 is a great indoor table for your recreational play. The table is essentially two halves that come together as one.

Let’s talk about its specifications, pros, cons, and product’s key feature, to help you evaluate and decide whether to purchase it or not.

Product Key Feature

The table pockets will allow you to be ready for your next match. It can hold a maximum of 8 balls and paddle at each end. Just the perfect number of balls for a match. No need for you to chase a ball when you are on a streak.

The pockets are built right into the table.  The table pockets will ensure your rackets are free from dust and damage.  A space to hold the balls and rackets are simply perfect features!

Storage has never been easier

The undercarriage is powder coated which makes its rust free.  Another great feature is its net system.

The adjustable levers are with 8 caster wheels.  4 of the eight wheels have breaks that keep the table from moving.

Don’t have an opponent for the game? With Killerspin MYT4 absence of another player is not an issue. The table also features a solo playback mode. You just have to fold one part of the table and you’re ready for a game.

The 15 mm MDF board constructed table top allows consistent ball bounce. Its surface features a repeat roller coating.  It also has adjustable feet for a perfect level surface.

Killerspin MYT4 is approved by International Tennis Table Federation (ITTF). This is another proof of the quality you can get from this product. 


If you are always excited to start a match, no need to worry. Killerspin MYT4 can be assembled in 15 minutes.  The table arrives in two boxes, with each end ninety percent assembled.

The superior design is both stylish and functional. A lot about it proves that it is a quality product.  The thick frame allows it to stand up while moving, folding, rolling and during storage.

Choose the table top color – blue or black.

The Killerspin table is covered with a 1-year warranty. It rolls easily on carpets and hardwood floors.


  • Product Dimensions: Overall 108” L x 60” W X 30 “H
  • Folded: 60” L x 24”W x 64” H
  • Overall product weight: 202.83 lbs.
  • Table top: 15 mm MDF; Wood Material
  • 16-layer Repeat Roller Coating 
  • Wheels: 75 mm (8 caster wheels)
  • Frame Type: Folding -heavy-gauge metal frame
  • Feet: Adjustable
  • Leg Material: Steel
  • Safety Locking System
  • Premium clip-on steel net and post system 


  • Affordable Price
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stylish
  • It is suitable for a friendly competition.
  • Rust Resistant
  • Adjustable levers
  • Among the best lowest priced models in the market.


  • With its outstanding materials, feature and specifications it’s pretty hard to identify any flaw of this item. But if you are particular with the weight, that one can be an issue.
  • Plus, the 15 mm tabletop is a little on the thin side. This means a slower and lower bounce. Unlike with tables with thicker playing surface.
  • The design, the accessories, unique features, and the bounce allow kids to learn table tennis with ease.

There are 3 main points of why you will buy this product.

  1. The Price – It is sold at around $600 and is a great buy for your weekend gatherings or weekly match with your family and friends. This is a nice way to keep your guests entertained while waiting for the barbeque to cook.
  2. Easy Assembly – It is easy to put together and you’ll be finished in no time.
  3. The Great Design– It offers an automatic gravity locker and large wheels for easy movement.  Sophistication is achieved with its gloss black lines on a matte black table. While the red clip on the net posts gives a nice contrast to its overall appearance.


If you are an amateur in playing table tennis or Ping Pong, Killerspin suits your every need.  However, we do not recommend this for competitive play since the table is thinner than others.

It’s a nice item to invest your money. If you have extra space in your garage, make use of the space as a recreational area. The Killerspin MYT4 can be a nice addition to your home furniture. Play for countless of hours as you wish!

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