JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review

Previously, people always found glitches in table tennis tables. Sometimes the table surface is not good enough to keep the flow of the game keep going and sometimes the table fails to show the potential which its manufacture show in exaggerated marketing.

Most of the consumers also claim that they have been facing difficulties in placing the tables because of its large structure which does not get fit in most of the places.

JOOLA midsizeir?source=bk&t=atabletennisracket 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=af7292bb7518372a6dc015423b37a08d& cb=1442558353854 table tennis table is not like the ordinary table tennis table but it has a complete solution to most of the difficulties consumers face.

The table tennis table is featured with some special things which take it one step ahead of the other table tennis tables, these features help its consumers in getting rid of most of the glitches they have been facing throughout their approach to the table tennis tables.

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What It Makes It Special?

Table’s advanced and groundbreaking features are the ones which make it special, the most important feature of the table is its storage and surface area which makes it flexible and fit for all kinds of areas, still, the height of the table is equal to the height of a regular table and yet it can be disassembled in such a way that it gets placed even at places as small as a closet.

The surface area provides the best possible area for a midsize table to keep the flow of the game going with energy and thrill, the quality of the surface is as good as regular table tennis tables manufactured by JOOLA.

Taking It Ahead

The main thing which makes it another step ahead is its compact storage and dimensions, the measurement is close to that of a regular table.

JOOLA is well known in the manufacturing of table tennis products and the one at which they are best is the manufacturing of table tennis tables and this midsize table is in no way slighter than its regular table, but in fact is made from the same top quality material which has been used in the making of regular size tables.

Features And Specifications

  • The table is designed in an advanced way which enables it to get placed even in small places.
  • It gets assembled in seconds, with a low weight of 62 pounds and gets assembled quite easily.
  • It has very compact storage. It has two separate shares with legs that get folded under the table.
  • The dimensions of the table tennis table are 39.3 x 39.2 x 4 inches. This scaled-down frame helps it in getting fit in small apartments and even smaller areas.
  • The playing surface of the table tennis table is 5/8 inches i.e. 16mm which boosts the game because of the quality of material used in the manufacture of the table.
  • The measurement of the table in width, height and depth is 71 x 30 x 36 inches, two thirds the size of a regular table tennis table.
  • The table can be separated in two equally sized tables which can be placed separately at two different places that help in minimizing the storage area and especially your storage problem.

Customer Reviews And Scores

Previously, consumers of the JOOLA midsize table tennis table have been very much satisfied with it and in fact, they have given positive feedback to the manufacture. What most of the people have to say about the table can be summarized as;

“Its size is medium yet it is strong enough to hold the game for the adults as well as for the children. No instructions needed for this easy to assemble table, just open it up and start the game. It has a flat and thick surface which provides it good bounce and the clamps which help in putting on the net helps in holding both of the table parts together.”

These were most of the reviews whereas the feedback scores to the table have been 4.5 out of 5 which again proves its quality.


The review in short can be said as the complete solution to most of the problems consumers face and that helps you in playing the perfect game with a passionate flow and most importantly the assemble of the table is the part which makes it different, it gets folded and gets separated which decreases the storage area enabling it in getting fit at the smallest place.

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