JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top Review


For decades, table tennis has been bringing families together. However, a lack of real estate space has distanced most families from this recreational game. What if there was an all-in-one recreational product that would transform your basement or house into a flexible gaming center on the go without cramping your apartment?

Wouldn’t that be a great equalizer for all your problems related to compact living spaces? Let’s introduce you to the JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top that can be installed on a pool table or a dining table to make it into a full-fledged table tennis playing area in a limited space.

JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top

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The unique selling point of this product is the 2-piece design that instantly transforms this conversion top into a different kind of table such as a dining table, billiards, etc. Therefore, it throws away the problem of limited space out of the window, so that you can find a way to play your favorite sport occasionally or on a regular basis without any fuss.

It’s a perfect choice for families who want to enjoy various recreational games such as table tennis, billiards, ping pong, etc from the comforts of their home. It’s also perfect for those who want to get a feeling like they are playing on a table that’s used for competition. This conversion top has quality written all over it.

Other Salient Product Features:

It’s 15 mm thickness provides a perfect bounce for consistent play. Frankly speaking, the table top provides the best bounce and energetic playing experience for its price-point. Therefore, it can be used by international as well as recreational players.

As a matter of fact, even newcomers can hone their skills on the table. The included net offers perfect tension for play. Moreover, the alignment of the two halves is absolutely perfect. Everything considered, players can expect improvement in their game scoring abilities because of the perfect thickness and bounce that the product has to offer.

Product Specs:

  • It comes in two halves along with a net and post sets, which are quick and easy to install. The makers recommended this product for billiard tables that are up to eight feet.
  • It weighs 115 lbs, and the overall dimension of this product is 108 x 60 x 0.6 inches. It’s available in black color, which offers it a professional look like nothing else in the market.
  • It features EVA foam padding for proper cushioning and longevity. Basically, it’s well-made to last for several years and beyond.


This isn’t another street-side product that you will put aside after a few uses. The JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top is a professional grade product that has been discovered to be a people-pleaser.

For those who don’t know, this brand is used in world championships because of its incredible craftsmanship. Both the construction and aesthetics are second to none. Moreover, one won’t need an army of men to set up the table top. It will likely take two adults to position this table top on top of a pool table.

Also, the foam padding on the table top is thoughtfully made to resist scratches to your table. Moreover, the product holds its ground very well during play. You can lean aggressively on the table and expect it to be constantly in place without any hiccups.  The playing surface is great as well.

Moreover, this conversion top has received a ton of glowing reviews to keep people purchasing and recommending the product. Even seasoned players have given thumbs up to this product, which speaks a lot about the product’s functionality and usability.


Some heavy lifting would be involved over here. Yes, it’s a tad bit heavy, so you might need an extra pair of helping hands to add or remove it from the table. Also, the width of the net clamps can be improved. Some users have commented that they would have appreciated if the net clamp carried extra width.

Another drawback worth mentioning over here is that you won’t be able to fold one side of the halves to play by yourself. Given all the features and pros of the product, we wouldn’t look at these cons as a major strike against the conversion top.


The quality of the product is far better for its price point. Scores of families out there have researched high and low before settling on this product. Goes without saying, the JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top is clearly the new drug of choice.

Gladly enough for the users, it lives up to the hype and offers a more realistic gaming experience like nobody’s business. Users have also reported that the product has been instrumental in bringing their families together.

Given all the features, product quality, and durability, we would recommend this table top without any reservations. It’s a heavy ticket item that will surely please most users till death.

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