iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot Review

You want to sharpen your skill in table tennis, however, you couldn’t find an opponent to play with. The problem is that you may find someone who will be able to play table tennis with you, but they do not match your skill level.

In fact, they are far below it which is why you win most of the matches and do not get any challenge or the type of practice you need to make yourself better at the game. You can put up the other side of the table and play with yourself, but it’s not the same especially since the length of the table reduces.

One of the best solutions for such a problem is getting yourself a gadget that throws the ball at you. Such gadgets can be fixed to the type of experience level you need and also they can throw the ball to you in different manners.

One of the best products you will come across during your search for such a device is the iPong V300. It is made for table tennis training with various features which will help you improve your game a whole lot more.

You will be able to get as much practice as you need with this product and it will ensure that you have lots of fun doing it. You will love the updated technology and features of this product and will be able to use it as per your liking for a long time.

Digital control with a wireless remote

Most of the training gadgets you will find will not allow you to control them from the other end of the table, because of which going in between the device and your position can be a bit of a hassle.

Most of these devices need to be controlled via the buttons on the product itself. The great part about the iPong V300 is that you do not need to physically control the device from the control panel itself.

The control panel, which is located on the front side, can easily be controlled digitally via the use of a wireless remote. You can keep the remote with you in your pocket, or on the table and control the device.

You can arrange the frequency and speed of the ball thrown, and you can even stop the gadget by turning it off from the remote or by pausing the machine.

Speed adjustment

The training device that you usually get offers either topspin or backspin, and that is not enough if you want to do some hardcore training. The only product offering this feature to you is the iPong V300; you get both the topspin and backspin features with this machine.

The gadget has a special mechanism and parts added to ensure that you get the best of both these two features. Because of them, you can easily adjust the speed of the balls being thrown at you and also the frequency of which they are being shot.

This ensures that you are able to get the best out of the product and have all features in one.

iPong V300 Specifications

  • The device has a memory button that allows you to save all the settings that you want.
  • The dimensions of the product are 19x 11 inches and it weighs about 2.75 pounds.
  • It comes with an A/C wall adapter and a tilt stand as well.
  • The product has been designed in the US but manufacturing has been done in China.
  • The product has the capacity to hold about 100 balls at one time and can easily shoot about 70 balls in one minute.
  • The wireless remote control includes: on/off buttons, start/pause button, oscillation, frequency, memory, topspin and backspin, and also +/- for adjustment.
  • The product is also compatible with all table tennis tables which are of standard size.
  • It comes with one year manufactures warranty which is limited so you will be able to get most of the parts fixed.
  • The software installed in this product is new and also the latest technology which ensures that you get proper accuracy and consistency.
  • It makes the perfect robot to help you learn how to play table tennis.
  • The best size ping pong balls to use with this product are 40 mm long balls.
  • You will find the operation of the product to be quiet, so no need to worry about noise creating disturbances.
  • The motor and wheel inside the product are new and improved.
  • The product is built to ensure durability and long-term performance has been increased.
  • The feeder disc is also updated to ensure that there are no ball jams, especially during intense play.
  • The product requires minimal assembly.

Customers’ review

Ending the review we would like to point out that iPong V300 has been given a high customer rating of 3.7 out of 5 and even has loads of positive customer feedback and comments.

If you want to know more about the performance of the product you can take a look at these, but a couple of things you will find in common is that people love that it is highly durable and a portable product, you can easily carry it with you if you want to practice elsewhere.

Also, the fact that it has digital wireless control and topspin and backspin available in one product makes it superb.

However, the downside of the product is that it is a little bit more expensive than the other product that you will find. But then it gives you value for money and you will find more suitable features in this product rather than any other.

Also, it can be a little difficult to operate but if you follow the instructions properly, you will get the hang of it in no time. So if you are looking for a table tennis training tools that have some of the most updated features, then this product is the best for you.

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