iPong PRO Table Tennis Training Robot

The iPong Pro Table Tennis Robot was launched in the month of August 2016. It has since been enhanced and improved to make your training a crazily fun and more convenient. With the wide range of settings, shooting options, and ball capacity, a table tennis player can go from novice to pro in no time!

Table Tennis Robot at it’s kind

This table tennis training robot has been made up to the highest possible standards for the best of their kind. The most major improvements are the shooting wheels and the motor itself. With the new technology running these two improved features, you will find the balls shooting out with more precision and accuracy than ever!

No more rogue balls to chase, and no more waiting for a ball to release. All you have to do is get in the table tennis mode and play like a king! Plus, your skills are liable to become sharpened more easily and quicker than ever, since the ball launch is also stronger. The faster spin would test your abilities to the max as well.

However, you don’t need to worry about the improved features making your training more difficult. With the wired remote, you can adjust the spin setting as well as a control just how fast the balls should come at you! You can start off with a measly dozen balls a minute, and take it up to a whopping seventy when you get to that level.

In a nutshell, you can basically have a ping pong or table tennis partner no matter where you go! You can play at home on your own personal table or at the sports club when there’s no one around to help you improve.

Along with adjusting ball frequency and speed, you can also adjust the topsin and backspin. Once you feel like you’ve mastered one level, move on to the next. Keep challenging yourself, and we’ll see you among the pros soon enough.

iPong Robot: Ease of Use

All the features of the iPong Robot are great enough, but what makes this product even more exciting is how easy it is to use! When we think of robots, we may get fascinated by the concept, but assembling one could make our hearts sink. There’s no such worry with this little robot, though; even if you’re not that tech savvy, you’ll probably be fine.

Even a child could probably assemble the iPong robot if they’re given a chance. There are a total of three pieces to snap into place, no more. You won’t need your toolbox, so no mess and no fuss!

Just take that robot out of the box, get those main pieces together, plug it in and switch it on! No screwdrivers, spanner, or hammers that can potentially cause accidents or make assembling a pain.


A word of warning, however, when you have the robot all set up and ready to go,  don’t load the balls right away. If there are balls in the shooter the very first time, switching on the iPong could result in more than one ball careening towards you.

While one table tennis ball isn’t going to cause much harm, a few of them all at once could cause quite a surprise. So switch on the robot first and let it get going before you load the balls and switch it on the second time.

Once you’ve loaded the regular balls to their hundred plus capacity, the iPong robot would shoot them all without a hitch. You can easily have a decent and even exhausting practice before you have to reload.

Once everything is set up and tested, you can use the remote to make your adjustments. These are a breeze to make and enable you to up your game strategy as you enhance your skills.

iPong Pro Specifications:

It’s all very well to praise a training robot to the skies, but we also have to know some details about it, right? Apart from its features, we need to know the product specifications so that we know just what to expect. There’s nothing worse than waiting anxiously for a package and being disappointed by its content when it finally comes.

So, here’s a list of the product specifications for the iPong Pro training robot:

  • This item is made out of plastic imported material
  • The net weight of this item is 2.5 pounds
  • It has a motor and a shooting wheel that are improved for a stronger ball launch and spinning
  • It has improved consistency and accuracy in ball throwing
  • Its long-term performance has also been updated to a lengthier amount of time
  • The operation of this robot is quiet
  • New feeder disc in the design that averts situations like ball jams
  • Can hold 100+ 40mm or more than 40 Ply table tennis balls
  • The frequency of shooting is adjustable
  • Frequency ranges from 12-70 balls/minute
  • Updated remote can control ball frequency, spin control, oscillation
  • Memory button for saving setting
  • Play/Pause button
  • Shot Options Range is level 0 to level 9
  • Shot Options include adjustable topspin speed, underspin speed, ball frequency, and side-to-side oscillation
  • iPong tilt stand optional as a separate purchase
  • The packaging of the robot should contain the iPong Robot, a Manual, an A/C Adapter, and a Remote Control
  • Features Topspin, Backspin , and Heavy Topspin
  • Compatible with all standard sizes of table tennis tables: nine by five feet.

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