How To Choose A Table Tennis Table – A Simple Guide

How To Choose A Table Tennis Table

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Are you looking to invest in a ping pong table? However you have no idea how to choose a table tennis table. Rather than wasting your money to buy one without consulting anyone. I’ll give you a simple guide in choosing your dream ping pong table.

Who Will Use The Table?

When you begin to look at the different tables available you will find they come in a range of prices and models to meet the different needs of those buying.

Are you new to the sport of table tennis, or are you an old pro?

Are you looking to just have some family fun?

Or are you using the table to hone your skills in tournaments?

Questions like those are the first things you should ask as they will factor into your decisions when you begin to shop for your table.

The Cost And Quality

Another consideration for most will be cost. Additional things you will want to look at and consider when buying a ping pong table are things such as what type of surface does it have?

How sturdy is it? What is the thickness of the table?

All of these considerations will help determine not just the quality, but how the table will play.

Many feel if you are buying just for family enjoyment, then buying a low priced table is best. But that may or may not be a good choice.

If the family or one of its members find that they really like the sport, they will want to play and practice often. In this case, choosing a quality table will be just as important as keeping with-in your budget.

If you have very young children they can be pretty rough on the table top. This might be a reason to start with a cheaper table and then only upgrade when the children have grown enough to take care of it, or until one of the family members gets to be really serious about the sport.

Permanent Or Stationary?

An important thing to decide on is if you have an area where you can leave a table set up permanently, or if you will need to sometimes fold the table and put it away.

Both can be purchased with quality table tops, but the non-portable is not easily moved if you need to do so. The portable ones are much easier to setup and easy to fold up when you are done playing.

But because they come with more working parts, their cost is usually higher.

If you decide to go with a portable version it is recommended that you look for a model that can be set up and folded up by one person. This will be the easiest style to deal with.

You will want to check the rollers to make sure they are of good quality as this will make the table easy to move around whenever you want to do so.

If you think you might need it for any reason, you might also want to look for wheels that have breaks to stop the table from rolling when it is folded up or put into storage.

The Table Thickness

The thickness of a table is something that should be understood. For those playing in tournaments the official thickness is one inch.

Many families that play strictly for fun find that a 3/4 inch top works well and many cannot tell the difference between the official professional one inch tables and the one they have. But the thicker tables do ensure the proper bounce and are generally stronger.

For official players of the sport, tables not only should be one inch thick, but the ball when dropped from 30cm should then bounce 23cm or it is not an official regulation table. The ball should bounce evenly at any point on the table top.

Any player that will be playing in official tournaments will want to have tables that match official rules as they are the most suitable for practice. For others, it is simply a question of taste and budget.

If you have the budget and want a table that meets official requirements then they will make for a wonderful playing experience.

But for many families that are playing only for fun and entertainment, they may decide to go with a slightly lesser table and will still often feel it is perfect for them.

A Joola inside table tennis table is often found to be the perfect choice as it is a durable and affordable table.

Legs Support Quality

The next consideration when looking at ping pong tables are their legs. This is a game that requires the top of the table to be level and that in part requires sturdy straight legs.

If it is with-in the budget, having levelers is an excellent option. This way, even if the place where you are setting up is less than ideal, you will still be able to level the table.

Remember when examining the legs that if the table is strong and sturdy from the beginning it is more likely to hold up to lots of use which includes when you fold it up and then re-open it again.

You will want to make sure the table has a smooth finish on top and should not have any rough edges. A Joola inside table tennis table is your best place to begin your search.

You will find these tables to offer just what you are looking for and for very reasonable prices.

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