5 Cheap Ping Pong Tables With Quality

The game of ping pong, otherwise known as table tennis, is a delightful source of fun and recreation for many. Involving fast reflexes and reactions, this is as refreshing as it is challenging. Usually, people visit clubs or a common meet-up place to play. Those who aspire to own the facilities required to play the game can look for cheap ping pong tables.

Best Cheap Ping Pong Tables

1. Franklin Sports Quikset Table Tennis Table

Ping Pong players often complain about the hassles faced during setting up their playing equipment. This takes away the game spirit for the while that the turmoil of opening and folding the table sets in. What this table offers is a quick and uncomplicated installation.

  • Minimal Screws: A general 4-piece ping pong table contains more than 100 bolts and screws to hold up the mechanism. The Franklin Quickset requires under 10 bolts and no screws at all!
  • Durable Edges: Steel reinforcements have been provided to all table edges. Leg levelers of 1 inch have been added for flexibility in playing.
  • Locking the Halves Together: The table is very easy to fold as the system is built with hinges and the two halves get locked in no time.

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Buyers love that not much of their time and effort is wasted in setting it up. However, those who don’t need to store the table, suggest that one would rather choose a more stable option with a tighter net. However, one can never be too sure about wanting easy storage and portability. Go for this one if you want easy reliability at affordable rates.

2. MD Sports Official Tournament Tennis Table, Size 4

Professionals crib about the prices of ping pong tables being too high to accommodate. The cheaper ones come in small dimensions and don’t appeal to them anyway. This product is an affordable option for avid players.

  • Size: This table is measured at an official tournament size of 9’ x 5’ and can be used by 4 players.
  • Includes Accessories: All game requisites like balls, paddles, and net posts are included along with the table. Two of each category is provided.
  • Additional Support: 1-1/8” aprons are provided for support and the playfield is a standard 5/8”.
  • This is a much-loved product for its size and effectiveness. The parts are said to be too many to assemble and make it seem unstructured. Explanation on assembling this table is exceptionally detailed and structured so that can always be of help. Buy this one for the size in sync with the feasibility.

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3. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

There are a lot of ping pong fans who simply shy away from getting a table of their own because of space constraints at home. This table is sized in a way that it doesn’t present many problems in being accommodated.

  • Easy to Accommodate: The best part about the JOOLA midsize table is that its 2/3rd the size of a regulation table and stands at 76 cm (which is the standard height). It still gives the feel of a proper ping pong table.
  • Two separate Tables: This disassembles into two separate halves that can be used as square tables for other games like carom or cards.
  • No assembly required: It doesn’t need to be put together as the installation is included.

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Professionals might complain a little about the size, but it’s a versatile fit for their homes. It is foldable and allows easy storage as well. Buy this reasonable product because of its quality and functionality. It can be a delight for young learners and players in your family.

4. Hathaway Crossover Portable Table Tennis Table, 60-Inch

This 60-inch table is designed for all sorts of avenues. Set-up and size are good for basements, garages, and other constricted areas. Children and beginners can get the Hathaway Crossover Table as it is lightweight, easy to handle, and very affordable.

  • Great Fold Design: This table comes with grip handles that give the user to carry it like a suitcase once it is folded down.
  • Quality Finish: The MDF deep blue-purple table top is ½ inch thick and looks attractive and vibrant. Resistant from corrosion damage, the 1’ diameter steel frame has a solid black powder-coated finish.
  • Adjustable Net: After setting up the table, you can adjust the amount of tension on the net.

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Adults and practiced players will always convert for a bigger and more intimidating table, but this one is just too practical to resist. It also contains 2 paddles and 3 game balls along with a removable net and posts set. Buy this one for the good-looking finish, suitable fold design, and unbelievably good purchase rates.

5. Lion Sports 5′ Folding Portable Table Tennis Table

This ping pong table from Lion Sports is great for players who want to let off some steam at gatherings. It is a pre-assembled piece that is easy to set up just within a few minutes.

  • Convenient set-up: The table is available in two pieces and is overall constructed enough to be installed without any effort.  
  • Playfield: This constitutes a 9mm MDF playfield which prevents it from being too far from a standard table.
  • Inclusions: The package includes a deluxe net, a post set, 2 paddles, and a playing ball.

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A few people don’t see the worth of getting a small table at all. This would definitely be a medium-sized product, but a good one at that. It’s good for indoor and outdoor usage, having an edge over most tables in terms of easy assembly. Go for this piece if you are looking for something that is concise and provides value for your money.


As demonstrated above, it is possible for ping pong lovers to get a cheap game table to suit their requirements. All products are well-suited to be utilized by players of ranging ages and interests. Furthermore, the options stated above are cheap and well accounted for. What matters most is the value and quality that the tables guarantee to players. Once you get a table, it will be a long-term companion for sure.

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