Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway Table Review – An Indoor Tennis Table

Players desire equipment which answers to their needs and also posts a high level of quality.  Level up or professional table tennis players are looking for these two elements when it comes to purchasing their sports equipment.

The brand Butterfly, one of the leading table tennis equipment manufacturers, for over 60 years remains as among the trusted brands, all across the globe. The company’s products are being patronized by both professional and intermediate table tennis enthusiasts.  So, if you are among them, definitely this brand is the one for you.

Butterfly Octet 25 Rollaway Table Tennis Table Review

Butterfly Octet 25 is another excellent product of the company. This table tennis will not disappoint you when it comes to durability, storage, dimensions safety features and wheels.

Another good thing about it is – you can also choose from different colors. So you can play with a premium table tennis and play in style.

Product’s Key Feature

The equipment is a two piece table consisting of two separate halves and a clamp on net.

Adjustable Legs Height

The legs height adjustment is a special feature of this table.

This becomes very helpful when the pavement is rough or uneven. You can adjust the table’s legs for leveling the heights.

ITTF Approved

This acronym stands for International Table Tennis Federation. The body regulates all the national table association and also monitors the quality of gaming tools/equipment. Butterfly Octet 25 is ITTF Approved. Given this, you can have a clear picture of its quality and the kind of product you’ll be getting.

Quality Net Set

It’s for free! Butterfly offers its professional/high-quality net set upon your purchase. Other brands do not include the net when you buy the table. Isn’t it great!

Quick Release Lock

Another unique feature from butterfly is a quick releasing lock. It allows you to lock the table and unlock it easily without much effort.

The 2” Rail

It ensures the sturdiness of the table.

The 1” Wood Top has amazing bounce quality.

Playback Position

It also features a playback position. This is why playing solo is not a problem.

Minimal Assembly Time

It’s easy to set up and you can play in no time.

Heavy Duty Undercarriage

This one adds on to the features for durability. Butterfly Octet 25 is supported by a heavy-duty undercarriage.

Conforms to and certificate issued for the new Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations: EN 14468-1

Product’s Second Most Important Feature

It’s an amazing table for a competitive game.

Butterfly offers 5 years warranty on their products. This is proof of the durability of Butterfly Octet 25. You can avail of all the maintenance and repairs done for free. Provided that they are within the 5 years warranty period.

These are the features you will have when you purchase Butterfly Octet 25 Table Tennis. It is a perfect match for tennis clubs and other indoor spaces.

It has four 100 mm wheels on each side. That is why it’s easy to maneuver.

Expect a heavy duty construction with this product.  Such is intended for repetitive use. An additional great feature is its design, which makes it easily erected and dismantled.

Butterfly Octet 25 is also intended to save storage space. You can fold the table by half.  This will take about 25” of the space.


  • Product dimensions: 108” x 60” x 30”
  • Table Top Thickness: 1” wood
  • Legs: 2” square steel with adjustable feet
  • 4” Locking Wheels
  • Storage dimensions: 60” x 26” x 61”
  • Weight: 275 lbs.
  • Rail/Rim 2” x ¾ “steel

Let us start with the positive points /advantages of buying this equipment. Hopefully, these can help you decide whether to buy or not this sports tool.


  • Adjustable Table Legs Height
  • Exceptional Bounce
  • Premium quality equipment
  • ITTF approved Tennis Table
  • Compact Storage Design
  • You can even play solo matches.
  • It comes with 5 years warranty.
  • This table has release lever safety features.
  • Minimal Storage Space


  • Higher price as compared to other brands.
  • Do not expect to get racket and balls with the price you paid for.
  • It is not meant for outside games.


When it comes to the brand Butterfly, you can never go wrong when purchasing equipment. The features are awesome and definitely give you the value you paid for. However, the equipment is not intended to impress. Though, it can really impress your neighbors and friends. Butterfly Octet 25 may not suit beginners.

The excellent bounce quality of the table can be tough and challenging for new players. So newbies can choose a simple tennis table that has a medium pace.

During a game, it also requires some space inside your garage or home.

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