The Butterfly Centerfold 25 Rollway Table Tennis Table Review

The Butterfly Centerfold 25 is one of the world class quality indoor table tennis in the market. It’s best for a home, which is spacious enough to hold such equipment and for other indoor venues such as recreational areas or tennis clubs. If you play at a high level, then you may consider this another product from Butterfly. It’s a high quality match standard table which is easy to move and to store away.

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Do you need a tournament ready table? Then, do not look any further. Centerfold 25 is the right option for you. What’s so wonderful about it? It is also suitable for players with wheelchairs. Isn’t it just brilliant? It is specially designed to accommodate players who are riding in wheelchairs. The distance between the end of the table to the first leg and bar is 40cm/16 in.

This is in compliance with Paralympic requirements. Now, you don’t have any reason to not include your buddy or maybe your sibling who is physically challenged. The Centerfold 25 makes table tennis enjoyable sports for everyone.

Key Feature

It is both applicable for game room or tournaments.

Wheel Chair friendly – ITTC Wheel Chair Complaint

With the creation of Butterfly Centerfold 25, playing table tennis becomes more accessible to all. As it is designed not only for physically able players, like us but also for those challenged ones. The legs are recessed 400-mm underneath making this table wheelchair friendly. With this table, no player shall be excluded.

Adjustable feet for levelling the table

The adjustable feet are used to ensure a level playing surface on unleveled floors.

25-mm scratch-proof table top – best bounce around

This table top provides you with the perfect bounce with consistency. It‘s competition-ready around the clock.

Has 2′ Steel Square Legs

The legs are consist of 2” steel that make this table extremely durable and strong. They are supported by rubber contact points that prevent any scratch on the floor.

5″ Locking Rubber Wheels

The square legs come with 25 mm rubber wheels that are built to last. These rubber wheels make it easy to slide the table around. Plus the movement is noiseless.

Release Lock as a safety feature

It folds and locks into the storage position with the release lock safety feature.

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Approved

The table is approved by ITTF which ensures that it is competition ready.

Strong Frame

Attached to the table top is a rail which is 2.7 steel for protection of the table top.

Playback Feature

You can fold it to play solo.

Product’s Second Most Important Feature

Delivered fully assembled

It is a one-piece fold and roll designed professional table. Butterfly Centerfold 25 is delivered fully assembled at your doorsteps. You only need to unbox, unfold and attach the net so you can start to play.

Easy Storage

The fold and roll design together with safety latch holds the table in a storage position.

5-year warranty

Like other equipment/product from Butterfly, Centerfold 25 comes with a 5-year warranty.

Comes in different colors 

Color options are available when you buy this tool.

Europa net and post included

You’re very lucky because Europa (which is also a product of Butterfly) comes free with your table. This net is being sold separately, but you can get it for free. It sells for about $ 90.00 each.  Imagine how much you can save!

The screw-on clamps held the posts in place. The felt tips aid to prevent scratching the table. The tension can be adjusted through a ring chain.

Product’s Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 64 x 54 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 280 lbs.
  • Rail: 2” x ¾ “Steel
  • Legs: 2” Square Steel
  • Wheels: 5”Locking Rubber
  • Storage Dimensions: 5’W x 1.6 ‘L x 5.25 ‘H
  • Release Lock Safety Feature
  • Adjustable Feet


  • If you are a professional player and looking for a table to match your level, then this one is a good choice!
  • Currently, its undercarriage is the sturdiest in the market.
  • You can include everyone in the game. As long as they are not new with the game.


  • It is not a table for recreational play. Unless you have extra money for it. It’s a little pricey.  So, if you’re buying just for a hobby think twice.


This is a tennis table for the professionals and for competitive play.  It’s not an ideal tool for beginners. Additionally, if you are planning on getting a cheap table for your training’s or family gatherings, better to look from another brand.

Whereas, if you are a pro, or a serious Ping Pong player who decides to buy it -the price of your purchase is worth it! All about this product speak of premium and top of the line standards.  Indeed, it’s one of a kind equipment and expects only the best from Butterfly.

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