Butterfly 603 Review – A Professional Quality Racket

In any Ping Pong game, a paddle is among the keys to win the match.  The paddle is a primary concern for players, especially for beginners. The question for most beginners is “what’s the perfect paddle?”

Before I jump in on the review proper, I will give you first some core points in buying your table tennis paddle.

Core points to consider when buying your paddle:

1.The rubber covering blade – More tackiness produces more spin. Also, a softer rubber creates more spin. If you want to play an attacking game, go get a firm rubber. But if you want to play more on the defensive side choose a soft, tacky rubber.

2. Type of blade –They are basically made of wood. However, carbon fiber paddles are increasingly gaining popularity. You should check on how the blade is constructed and its direct effect upon its ratings in terms of speed and control. 

3. The glue – Is something that binds the rubber and the blade. Sometimes people take it for a grant. In fact, in tournaments glues have to be pre-approved by ITTF. This is done in order to determine whether they are “volatile material “. 

4. The Grip – It is important to consider how you handle the paddle. You’ll want and will benefit in choosing a paddle that supports your grip style.

I hope that you read the information above because you’ll be needing that points when buying your perfect ping pong paddle

Yeah I know you’ll be telling me that there is no perfect paddle, yes I agree with you but, with a good paddle on hand, plus a combination of your skills in table tennis equal to a player that’s hard to beat 🙂

Butterfly 603 Review

Product Key Feature

Professional Quality

It provides great spin and unbeatable speed during the game. The Butterfly 603 racket is highly preferred by professional players.

The Butterfly 603 is power designed both for forehand and backhand shots. With this racket, you can strike with more quality and power spin shot.

2.1 mm Rubber for a Power Racket

Being ITTF approved is another great feature of this product. This racket offers inverted red and black Wakaba 2.1 mm rubber. Its rubber is designed for great power.

Beginner enjoys the power when it strikes the ball. This will surely help you beat your opponent.

Ergonomic Grip: The Flared Handle

Superior grip and comfort are achieved through its flared rounded designed paddle. Moreover, it makes gripping easier.

Arylate Carbon built into the wooden blade

The 5-ply wooden blade is built in with Arylate Carbon. Which adds on to its power and this increases the “sweet spot area”.

Second Most Important Feature

Free Racket Cover

Your purchase comes in a heavy duty and attractive gift box. Plus, this model comes with a free racket cover. Something to protect it from bad weather and help you secure it while in storage.


  • Premium Quality
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Handle: Shakehand- Flared
  • Blade: Wood
  • Rubber: Wakaba 2.1 mm
  • Case: Full case
  • ITTFApproved
  • Speed 82
  • Control85
  • Spin 90


  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a warranty
  • 2.0 mm sponge layer
  • Have heavy duty gift box
  • Includes paddle protect covers


  • Minimum feature paddle


Butterfly 603 help you to produce more powerful spin and hitting during the game. It can create more spin strikes and help you make more powerful returns. The 2.0 mm sponge layer makes these possible.

The thick paddle comes with a heavy weight and it may weigh down the paddle. The racket is powerful. However, at times it may be a little difficult to control. The length of the handle is also one issue for customers. Some find it a little short as they prefer.

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