Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle For Spin [2022]

In the fast-paced world we live in today, it has become crucial to take care of our mental and physical health. Amidst the hectic work life and lucrative technology, only a few of us think about playing sports. Moreover, our generation lacks a quality game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

At such a time, ping pong, or table tennis as professionals like to call it, is the savior we all need. Playing this sport helps us not only mentally, but physically as well. It improves coordination between our hands and eyes, improves our mental acuity, and aids in improving our reflexes.

On top of such benefits, ping pong is less exertive on one’s joint, which means people, regardless of their age, can enjoy this game in the comfort of their homes. Such an indoor game also gives an excuse for quality family time, which we all crave from time to time.

Importance of choosing wisely

Ping pong may seem like a simple sport, but it is marked by difficulty. After you have decided to indulge in this mentally exertive game, the first thing you will need is a ping pong paddle.

While some may think any paddle may suffice, we are here to tell you that is not the case. The paddle you choose governs your performance in the game.

A paddle is made out of a series of components, each of which is essential for good performance. Therefore, one must put serious thought into choosing the characteristics of each element. Wise decisions are crucial.

There are multiple of things you should keep in mind when deciding which ping pong paddle to buy. To aid you, let us provide you with a few guidelines which will help you pick the best ping pong paddles for spin, control, and power.

Understand your style

Everyone has a different playing style, and each style may require a different kind of paddle. The first thing you should do before buying a paddle is to be well-aware of your playing style. Your style is the foundation of your decisions regarding the handle, blade, and rubber of your paddle.

For instance, if you are a beginner, you should choose a paddle which is not tailored to any one particular style. Such a paddle will allow you to explore yourself as a player and decide on a style as you master the game.

If you are an offensive player, you should choose a fast blade which may offer you less control, but would be able to keep up with your speed. For defensive players, slower blades will suffice.

Choose the ideal components

Pick the type of handle, blade, and rubber that compliments your style.

Choosing a handle

The kind of handle that is ideal for you depends on how you hold the paddle. There are two gripping methods:

  • Penhold grip, a grip which is similar to when you hold a pen.
  • Shakehand grip, a grip which reflects how you shake hands with other people.

If you have a Penhold grip, you can choose between Chinese and Japanese Penhold paddles. The former is marked by a small handle and a small head, while the latter has a rectangular head and has a handle which sticks out slightly to give the player a better grip.

If you have a shakehand grip, you can choose from the following handles based on your style and preference:

  • Anatomic, which is marked by comfort but cannot be used for twiddling due to its built.
  • Flared, which helps an offensive player keep a grip on his handle and twiddling if the need arises.
  • Straight, which helps defensive players twiddle easily. However, they do not provide any obstruction for continuous grip.

Picking a blade

Blades are either made entirely out of wood or out of composite material. Blades differ according to the material they are made out of. Composite material ensures a faster and lighter blade and may be preferred by those who opt for an offensive style.

Also, you should be well aware of the number of piles of wood on the blade. The lesser the plies, the more flexible the blade. Such flexibility enhances control and allows for slower speed.

If speed is the central characteristic upon which you base your decision, you should also look into the thickness of the blade. The thicker the blade is, the more speed it will allow you to throw the ping pong with.

Furthermore, the weight and shape of the blade are also integral to the performance of the blade. While lighter edges allow for higher speed, heavier blades are marked by better control and better spin.

The shape of the blade can either be round or square. Round blade has a larger margin of error and, therefore, allows you to take on a quick and offensive style. Furthermore, such blades are helpful in blocking. A square blade, on the other hand, is marked by the better grip and more power. If you value higher grip and more power, the square blade should be your choice.

Picking a rubber

There are two major types of rubber to choose from, reverse rubber and pips out.

  • Reverse rubber allows you to make various types of shot with ease. It provides you greater control over the ping pong ball and, therefore, is a likely choice for offensive style players.
  • Pips-out rubber enable you to add spin to your shots when playing. Such a feature is ideal for those who play a defensive style. However, such rubbers do not allow you to do a variety of shots, unlike reverse rubber.

The thickness of the rubber of your paddle governs the overall performance of the paddle. There are three available thicknesses which include:

  • Thin rubbers which are less than 1.3 mm thick. This adds control to your shots.
  • Medium rubber with a thickness of 1.4-1.8 mm. Such a thickness allows for an optimum equilibrium between offense and control and, thereby, is used by all.
  • Thick rubber whose thickness is greater than 1.9 mm. Such a rubber is marked by high power and low control and is, therefore, ideal for offensive players.

Choose a paddle with optimum performance

At the end of the day, you want a paddle which provides you with high performance and allows you to make the shots you like. Performance is judged based on power, control, and spin. The ideal level of these three may differ from one player to another.


A paddle with a high power rating is a reflection of the extent of energy absorbed by the paddle when a shot is returned.

The higher the rating, the lesser the paddle incorporates power and, therefore, the higher the return shot. Such high power is marked by less control and may not be preferred by a defensive style player.

When making your decision, do check out the power rating and pick one which is ideal for your playing style.


Control refers to how easily the paddle strikes the ball. It is also a reflection of the period for which the paddle successfully holds the ball when you are making a shot.

High control ratings are given to paddles which hold the ball for a longer period. Such high scores are preferred by defensive players.

Rubber pips, the thickness of the rubber, and the overall quality of the rubber determines how much control the paddle will have.


Most players prefer paddles which can help them turn their shots. It is because a spin makes it more difficult for the opposing player to return your shot successfully. A higher spin rating reflects how easy it is to spin a ball via the chosen paddle.

The quality of the rubber and the overall weight of the paddle also governs how easy it is to spin your shots.

Top 5 Best Ping Pong Paddle For Spin

Here are some of the best ping pong paddles for spin available on the market.

1. Stiga Titan

If you are looking for a paddle with a high rating in spin and control and a satisfactory speed, Stiga Titan may prove to be a good choice.

Features a 5-Ply Handle

This paddle features a 5-ply handle which ensures that you are provided with greater power. Moreover, the handle is extremely lightweight, which allows for greater speed and, therefore, is an ideal choice for offensive players.

Includes Crystal Technology

This paddle has a blade made out of crystal technology. Such a feature allows the blade to be harder than its competitors. The hardness of the blade translates into a higher speed.

This added speed, together with the one already ensured by the light handle, ensures that players are provided with the optimum level of speed.


  • Performance-level table tennis racket
  • The rubber used is ITTF approved
  • Speed rating: 80
  • Spin rating: 77
  • Control rating: 82
  • It features a 2mm sponge
  • The handle is concave shaped and has a composite material

2. Stiga Evolution

Stiga Evolution offers high performance at an affordable price. This paddle is said to be the best ping pong paddle for spin. Its high spin rating, together with its high-quality rubber, transforms this paddle into a premium product.

Features Shock Dispersion Technology

This paddle is accompanied by a technology which differentiates it from other similar products on the market. Its shock dispersion technology allows it to absorb the vibrations when the paddle experiences an impact.

These vibrations, once consumed, are converted into energy which comes out of the handle when the shot is returned. This feature results in better speed and control.

Features Nano Composite Technology

This technology leads to the strengthening and tightening of the bonds in the rubber of the paddle. Such a thick rubber allows for greater speed and spin.

The rubber features an array of tiny air capsules, which further enhances the speed of the product and aids in providing you with greater control.


  • Table tennis racket-level of performance
  • The rubber is ITTF approved and is ideal for tournaments
  • Speed rating: 96
  • Spin rating: 94
  • Control rating: 90
  • The rubber features a sponge of 2mm thickness
  • The blade includes 6-ply and is light in weight

3. Butterfly 401 ShakeHand Table Tennis Racket

If you have a shakehand grip style and want a paddle that offers higher spin and control, you may want to give the Butterfly 401 Shake Hand Paddle a try.

Offers a Great Spin

One of the features which set this product apart is its offer of great spin at an affordable price. The use of Yuki rubber has ensured that you can spin your shots, thereby rendering your opponent unable to return them.

Such a high spin is a quality that is appreciated by players regardless of whether they like to play an offensive style or defensive style.

Its Sponge Allows for High Speed

Speed is a quality highly valued by those who prefer to play ping pong with an aggressive style. This paddle caters to such players through its rubber which aims at providing high speed.

The 2.1mm soft sponge allows for a higher top speed as well as comfort in making an array of shots. Such versatility in the ability to make a shot makes this paddle a likely choice for many.


  • It has rubber on both sides which allow for greater spin
  • Its sponge layer is marked by a soft feel and has a surface which is inverted
  • The paddle is accompanied by a racket cover
  • Speed rating: 8.0
  • Spin rating: 8.0
  • Control rating: 8.50

4. Stiga Pro Carbon Paddle

Stiga Pro is known to provide high-quality paddles and other equipment. Its Pro Carbon Paddle is considered to be a good ping pong paddle for those who value spin and power.

Features Carbon Technology

Its carbon technology is marked by the use of two layers of high-quality carbon in the blade. The integration of these layers of carbon enhances the rigidity and response of the blade. This feature translates to higher power and higher speed when making a shot.

Features a WRB Weight Balance

This product has taken special care in balancing the weight of the paddle to enhance the performance of the paddle. It has shifted the burden of the paddle to the usual point of contact with the ball.

This feature allows for greater stability in gripping the paddle and results in higher power shots.


  • It features Nano Composite Technology which strengthens the rubber of the paddle and allows for high speed and spin
  • Its ACS microscopic capsules in the rubber enhance speed and control
  • The light weight of the blade results in a high rate of recovery after a shot is made
  • The recess in the handle is positioned strategically to make it highly sensitive to impact
  • It features a balsa technology which results in higher speed and reaction time
  • The use of crystal technology has hardened the blade of this product which, in turn, leads to a higher top speed
  • The rubber is ITTF approved and delivers performance up to the standards of tournaments
  • Speed rating: 99
  • Spin rating: 100
  • Control rating: 80
  • The blade is 7-ply and is extra light

5. Killerspin Jet 600

This paddle is regarded as being a balanced paddle amongst other products in the Killerspin range. It offers high power, spin, and control, making it one of the best ping pong paddles for spin.

It Has a Five-Layer Construction

This paddle includes a blade which has five layers of different types of high-quality wood. Such a solid base acts as an advantage for all players. This benefit arises because its base allows for accuracy in placement and enhancement in power. The high power and ability to make precise shots that this blade provides make it a likely choice regardless of your style of playing.

It Allows for a Great Spin

If you are a defensive style player, you would know the importance of having a paddle which allows for greater spin. By spinning your shots, you ensure that your opponent has difficulty in returning your shots.

This feature can help you win the game. This paddle is known for its high spin rating, which can also be useful for intermediate players.


  • The blade has 5-ply wood that is extra light
  • The blade has a flared handle which allows for secure grip
  • The performance rubber is blue and black in color and has a thickness of 1.8mm
  • Speed rating: 6.0/10
  • Spin rating: 7.0/10
  • Control rating: 8.5/10


All in all, a lot of thought goes into the decision of choosing the best ping pong paddle for spin. Do not make the mistake of picking the first paddle you see. Rather, spend some time analyzing your style and, thereby, your necessary requirements for a paddle.

Choose a paddle which compliments your style. Pay careful attention to the performance ratings of various products. Pick a paddle that is perfect for you. Play and channel your pent-up energy into something constructive. Enjoy the moment.

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