9 Best Ping Pong Balls That You Should Try Today

Best Pinong Pong Balls

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Here’s the fact:

Ping Pong balls or table tennis balls are mandatory for table tennis, you can’t play it without the ball, of course, but some table tennis balls do not meet the criteria of table tennis players and don’t feel the joy of playing table tennis.

There are some table tennis balls which are best for table tennis and in the market, they are rated as the best ping pong balls, here are few of these ping pong balls.

1. JOOLA Super P-3 Star New Plastic Table Tennis Balls

JOOLA is well known for making table tennis products and they are amongst the leading ping pong ball makers too. These balls are specially designed for tournament and international table tennis matches.

They are designed to comply for ITTF requirements for a non-celluloid poly ball. It is marginally larger than 40 mm ball. This new plastic table tennis ball is more environmentally friendly.

2. Gambler Gold – Two Star Training Balls

These ping pong balls by Gambler Gold are used by robots as well. With these robots play and practice with the professional player in the sport of table tennis. They have a unified design with a consistent weight and balance.

The formula used by Gambler Gold for the manufacturing of these balls is harder, which makes them more durable and tougher than other ordinary two star balls used for the same purposes and vice versa.

3. Adidas 3 Star Table Tennis Balls

Adidas is another well-known table tennis manufacturer and they do it with ping pong balls too. The table tennis balls from Adidas ate perfectly rounded hard balls with average durability, but more than average speed and consistency.

The size is exactly 40 mm which makes them the perfect balls which can be used in a table tennis match.

4. Butterfly ITTF Approved 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls (3-Pack)

Butterfly too is a popular manufacturer in the sport of table tennis known for making table tennis rackets as well as table tennis balls. These balls by Butterfly are also designed for the tournament and international table tennis matches and to comply with ITTF.

The specs of the balls are; average hardness with perfect roundness with much longer durability, but the speed is average of the ball. The consistency of the ball is perfect it has scored full where consistency steps in.

5. Andro Speedball 3 Star

3 Star balls by Andro are hard, consistent and tough. The roundness of the balls is good, whereas the durability of the balls is much longer which makes it last longer. The balls have the maximum speed and that is why they are said speedballs.

These perfectly sized speedballs are available in a set of 9 balls for the rate of $14 at various stores.

6. Champion 4 Star Table Tennis Balls

These 4 star balls are the hardest balls with above-average roundness. They have good durability which makes it last longer.

The speed of the balls is above average too, which makes them fast with a better consistency which will go with the flow of the game.

These 4 star balls are available at the rate of $9 for a set of 12 balls so it is much cheaper than other ping pong balls as well.

7. Cornilleau Competition 3 Star ITTF Table Tennis Balls

These 3-star table tennis balls from Cornilleau are perfectly rounded balls with large density and much larger hardness.

The speed of the balls is fast too and the best thing about these ping pong balls is that they are perfectly durable which means they will never break and it is what is special about it.

The consistency of the balls is perfect too with the perfect size of 40 mm and all of these things together make them the best ping pong balls which will provide the best experience for you or your opponent in the table tennis game. The price of these balls is $32.99, for a set of 12 balls.

8. Donic Coach 2 Star Table Tennis Balls

If you are looking for some high-quality ping pong balls for your coaching or even practicing then you have nowhere to go but Donic Coach. Perfectly rounded and hardened ping pong balls by Donic have a top speed which is more than average with the durability too.

These table tennis balls last much longer and the perfect consistency brings the table tennis game to life. These perfectly round 40mm balls are 2 stars and are available in a large set of 120 for the rate of $38.

9. Adidas Training Table Tennis Balls

For training too, there are some specific ping pong balls which are to be used and Adidas is, here again, to get you some good training and to get your level of playing table tennis to another level.

These ping pong balls are long-lasting, very consistent and have the maximum speed. They are perfectly rounded with a size of 40 mm and the hardness of these table tennis balls is medium.

These amazing training ping pong balls are available at the price of $4 for the set of 6 balls. Adidas is being rated very highly for their beneficial products they have been doing in the sport of table tennis, first table tennis rackets and now table tennis balls are earning them big fame in this sport just like these ping pong balls.


These balls are going to get the perfect experience in your game and make you remember it for a long time by bringing speed, spin and consistency between you and your opponent and this is the best thing about these ping pong balls.

The rates of these best ping pong balls are not specific but the prices of these balls vary from one store to another which can more or even less, but from wherever you get these table tennis balls it is for sure that they are going to give you some thrilling experience in your game against your opponent.

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