Top 8 Health Benefits of Table Tennis

Health benefits of table tennis

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Maybe, you might think that table tennis is just a simple leisure-time hobby game. We’ll your wrong; there are many health benefits of Table Tennis.

And, here are some of the benefits which you can acquire now when you start playing table tennis today!

1. Weight loss

Table tennis can be a key contributor towards weight loss. Table tennis requires player to stay nimble. Playing it regularly can contribute to weight loss. This is a fast-paced game and contributes positively to your cardiovascular system.

Burning the calories by means of exercise is fun. Especially you are able to play your favorite sport and still burn those extra calories. Nothing better than that! However, the rate at which it burns calories is lower than running on a treadmill or doing yoga. For a person weighing 150 pounds, an hour of table tennis can burn about 275 calories.

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2. Hand-eye co-ordination

This is a fast-paced game and requires one to be alert. Moving their hands and staying nimble on the feet is required. Hand-eye coordination is a very important development which enables one to stay healthy and active even in the later years’.

This game does not have any age restriction, hence for smaller kids; it could help them refine their hand-eye co-ordination. This could come in handy for their art class and enable them to write better. This also increases their ability to focus.

For young adults, it helps them sharpen their reflexes. For older people, it helps to refine their tactics.

3. Brain acuity

Among many benefits from table tennis, this is by far the most valuable benefit. It enables the brain to be alert, which can come in handy while conducting daily activities such as driving, riding etc., Presence of mind and alertness can help avert unnecessary accidents in regular activities.

4. Easy on the joints

When holding the bat and playing, a lot of joints come to the fore. You will be using your shoulders, elbows, wrists. At the same time, your knees will be slightly bent and your ankles will be arched.

Many of your joints will get exercise simultaneously. Clearly, playing table tennis can avert joint related problems. Often, individuals who have indulged in such games moderately may not be affected by arthritis, rheumatism etc.,  some institutions have conducted extensive studies on what types of games can benefit people suffering from early stage arthritis.

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5. Creates a social environment

Often, we are so engrossed in our smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. There is very little social life that we enjoy. Most of our socialism is restricted to social media interactions.

This could be harmful in the long run. Indulging in sports is a great way to interact with other people in real. Virtual interaction is starkly different from face-to-face real time interaction. It builds character, confidence and friendships.

All these aspects are very precious for the overall personality development. If you have just started playing with your friend, they overtime, you could include multiple people. This could in turn become a club; you could extend your activities beyond playing table tennis.

You could watch movies, visit pubs etc., and create a bond. Often, friendships formed whilst playing may last a lifetime.

6. Healthy competition

One of the most vital virtues in life is to learn to accept both winning and losing with equal grace. Often, in today’s world, we are so caught up in getting ahead, there is no thought spared to others around us.

Compassion is amiss in this chaotic world. Any game teaches us to lose gracefully. Also, winning a game should not get to your head. This is something that will be embedded in your character once you indulge in some sports.

There is great emphasis on ‘sportsmanship’, the ability to stride over winning and losing with equal grace is what it is all about.

7. Improves balance

If you were to observe the stance of a professional table tennis player, they have a certain style of standing. Their posture is slightly bent over, the knees are bent. They are on their toes with the bat held loosely by their hand.

The shoulder, writs and elbows are relaxed. A tensed shoulder, wrist could lead to injury. They are always bouncing themselves to remain alert. This is a great exercise to help improve balance.

Improving balance is not just a physical activity. It also requires mental equilibrium.

8. Stimulates various parts of the brain

This is a sport which not only requires alertness, you also need to constantly strategize. It also gets your adrenaline pumping. This stimulates various parts of the brain. It also enables generation of happy hormones called endorphins.

This is required to keep depression and other mental illnesses away. Clearly, this could be one form of therapy. It is often advised that people who are not happy about some aspect in life should indulge in sports.

This will be an outlet for your frustration. Sports also tends to exhaust you physically, it will ensure that you get a good night’s rest. It forces you to stay fit and healthy.

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Hope these tips help you understand the benefits from table tennis. If you have been contemplating on indulging in it, there are only more reasons to do it!

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