STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table Review

Of all table tennis tables, we can see on the market today, less than 20% are great and high-quality units. Most of them are not well-made and they offer a lot of drawbacks. Well, the STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table isn’t one of them.

This is a heavy-duty, professional-grade unit which has it all, like an actual table which is used in tournaments all around the globe. As a matter of fact, some tournaments use the same table! This means that it has a lot to offer and it should be reviewed with a lot of attention to details.

Heavy-duty construction of STIGA STS 185

As we have mentioned earlier, the construction of the table tennis table in question is advanced and sophisticated in the lack of a better word. The main material or the base of the table is made of steel, a special type of steel which is stronger than usual.

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This applies to the legs, which are made of 2-inch steel and the wheel brackets. An interesting fact is that the wheels are 3 inches and they have sports tread. The steel has been coated with a special coat of paint which makes it resistant to corrosion, scratches and light damages. Basically, this table will look new even after years of use. Even the bolts and rivets are heavy-duty versions so the table won’t flex or move under pressure. After all, it is a heavy-duty model.

The same applies to the 0.75 inch top. It is a professional-level top which is specially coated in blue paint which is the same as the one you get on tournament tables. The coating is specific so it provides accurate and even ball is bouncing at all times. An interesting addition is that the top is scratch resistant and it offers great visibility in all lighting conditions.

Clever design

When it comes to clever features, there are a lot of them available in this table tennis table. The one that leaves the highest level of impression is the net. It is fully adjustable and it comes with interesting brackets which allow for you to fold and unfold the table without having to remove the net. If you are looking for a table tennis table which will be used a few times per a day, you will definitely appreciate this feature.

Then we have the storage place for balls. It is well-implemented in the table and it will help you keep the balls within your reach at all times. This is another feature which affects the overall impression of the table and it makes a huge difference.

An interesting addition may be the fact there are no a lot of table tennis tables on the market which come with this element or at least not as great as the STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table. We must add that the self-opening legs are the next best thing and they increase the level of practicality and simplicity.

You may believe that a table tennis table is extremely complicated to assembly, precisely due to these features, but you would be wrong. In reality, an average user with no specific knowledge will need 20 minutes. This is the statement of the manufacturer, but we tested it and we got the same result.

In addition, nice and detailed instructions are present in the package and they are extremely easy to follow. Keep in mind that you will need some, basic tools in order to get the job done. This is known as Quick assembly features and it generally requires between 10 and 30 minutes. Full assembly models are far more complicated and their assembly can last up to 14 hours.


  • Manufacturer: STIGA
  • Model: STS 185
  • Color: Blue and black
  • Materials: Steel, Wooden Bottom Board
  • Wheels: 3 inch
  • Top: 0.75 inches
  • Steel legs: 2 inches
  • Dimensions: 108″L x 60″W x 30″H
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Assembly: Quick assembly
  • Ball storage: Yes, half-length


Is there something more you would like to know regarding the STIGA STS 185 Table Tennis Table? Probably no. The table is modern, sophisticated and advanced in many areas. Yes, the price is a bit higher than usual, but at the end of a day, you get all you will ever need. The quality is exceptional and the overall attention to details is above the average.

You also get some features which cannot be seen on other table tennis tables. The end result is a high rank among models available nowadays and this is one of the professional models that will meet all your expectations and probably provide you with something more. And yes, you should consider this model if you are looking for one of the best units available on the market right now.

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