Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket Review

31mZiuymBvL.SL160Previously, there have been complaints from the people about the table tennis rackets that they don’t last as long as they are said to be or they show weakness more often, people often say that companies exaggerate in giving information about the qualities and people get disappointed about what they get but the Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket is not like others but it is an innovative and enhanced table tennis racket which brings evolution in the manufacturing and qualities of the table tennis rackets.

Shock Dispersion Technology (SDT)

This enhanced table tennis racket is featured with shock dispersion technology, which could not be found in ordinary table tennis rackets.

The SDT helps in absorbing the vibration which you get while playing a stroke and this technology transfers it into energy which will enable you in playing much better shots with a superior control and swift.

ITTF Approved Rubber

Stiga Evolution Table Tennis RacketThe rubber used in this table tennis racket is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation itself for the performance level for tournaments. This support by ITTF is another proof that the table tennis racket is not like other table tennis rackets, but it is the one used by the professionals themselves.

So you might be experiencing the international level table tennis once you get this evolved and amazing table tennis racket for yourself.

Features & Specifications

The specifications of the Stiga Evolution Table Tennis Racket speak in favor of the table tennis racket:

  • The table tennis racket is available in multicolor.
  • The weighing of the racket is 6.4 ounces, which surely says that is much lighter than others
  • The dimension of the product is 12 x 7.3 x 2.8 inches so it is easy to handle as well.
  • The blade of the racket is 6-ply light which will provide maximum speed with control.
  • The handle of the racket is concave pro.
  • The dimension of the sponge of the product is 2 mm.
  • The rubber classification of the threating table tennis racket is premium.

The features just like specifications give you an idea about how beneficial it can be for you and which is going to play a vital role in giving you a one sided victory over your opponent.

  • This remarkable and startling table tennis racket is featured with Nano Composite Technology which provides much sturdier, tougher and tighter bonds in and between the rubbers which as a result will provide increasing spin and speed.
  • It is also featured with ACS technology, which gives air capsules in the ultra-light rubber which gives a combination of top speed, maximum swirl, supreme elasticity and unresolved govern over your table tennis racket.
  • Crystal technology is another one of the modern era technologies of the rackets which strengthens and stabilizes the surface of the blade which increases speed to a large extent and this outstanding table tennis racket is featured with it too.
  • WRB; Weight recovery, Rate of recovery and Ball sensitivity, it is governed by it as well. Weight recovery shifts the balance to the point of contact where the Rate of recovery helps in stabilizing back after each stroke and Ball sensitivity provides a delicate touch to the ball.
  • Performance rating- speed: 96, Spin: 94 Control: 90.
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Customers reviews and Scores

This is what people have to say about this astonishing table tennis racket: When you start with this racket you just get used to it in few seconds like you have been playing with it for a long time.

The opponents used to beat with his racket and all I wanted is to even the competition or get ahead in it and this has done the same. If you want to increase your level of game that it is the best choice.

The average rating given to the product at Amazon store is 4.6 out of 5.0, 72% people are 100% satisfied with the product and they can’t resist applauding it.

The Pros:

  • Every spec is an evolved spec, the one which is one step ahead from the last one.
  • It is the lightest in weight.
  • The handle is concave pro with a slight flare as well.

The Cons:

  • The rubber cannot be replaced. It will not require rubber replacement as it is advanced with the rubber technology, which will not be needed to be replaced.
  • It is available at the price range from $59.99 to $67. You will get what you pay for whereas it is also available at lower costs than this at various stores.


The product is the advanced table tennis racket with enhanced and innovative specs and features. If you want to take your level of playing to the next level, then you have nowhere to go but Stiga Evolution Table Tennis racket which will give you all you want.

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