The Killerspin Jet 200 Paddle Review

If you’re just learning how to play table tennis, you need a beginner racket in order to develop the correct form and the style that is required for you to advance as a player. Thus, it is important for beginners to know which paddle will be a good start for them and they can upgrade to better quality ones after a little practice.

As a beginner, Killerspin Jet 200 table tennis racket would be perfect for you.

Excellent Construction and Ergonomic Flared Handle

The Killerspin Jet 200ir?source=bk&t=atabletennisracket 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=8cdd5443db8a94613e26cba0c93b888d& cb=1440040125500 Table Tennis paddle is the perfect paddle designed for beginners and recreational players. The best thing about this paddle is that it offers great control in hand.

It is made of extra light 5-ply wood and is designed with a 3-7/8-inch flared handle for great grip.

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This paddle offers a quick, less power, but a better-controlled playing style to the users. For beginners, control is more important than power and thus, this paddle is a great starter.

Blade Designed for Performance

The 5.9 mm blade offers a lightweight, yet a dense base for better control and power. It can easily adapt to different opponent gameplay style making it perfect for amateur players looking to practice and learn about better control.

Specifications and Features

  • High-quality Table Tennis paddle engineered for control
  • It has a 5-ply wood extra-light blade with flared handle for optimal grip
  • Has a blue and black combination of 1.8mm performance rubber
  • The Speed Ratings is 6.0
  • The Spin Ratings is 7.0
  • Control Ratings 8.5
  • 3-7/8-inch Flared Handle
  • 5.9 mm Blade Thickness

Does Killerspin Jet 200 perfect for beginners?

For a first racket, Killerspin Jet 200 is perfect and anyone would be pleased with it. The 5-ply blade of the racket enhances the consistency of the play and the runner offers great attacking ability to the player.

The racket has an excellent overall built and will feel solid in the hand and has a good weight to it. While the blue and black cover will offer a decent amount of spin, it will definitely not allow a topspin during offensive strokes.

Since the racket is for the beginners, it will be reliable for them to put the balls where they wish it. And it has highly diminished speed that won’t be appreciated by professional players. Thus, it is appropriate for players who have just started out and are trying to hone their skills.

Also, the racket is quite inexpensive compared to many other low-quality rackets available in the market today. Thus, people recommend this racket for its value and the over quality that has definitely managed to surprise many people.


The Killerspin Jet 200 is highly recommended if you are a novice or a recreational table tennis player and is looking for a solid, inexpensive racket that offers great control. While the speed, spin, and control rates are not as high as the higher-end ones, they are perfect for people looking to go to the next level in the game.

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