Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table Review

Many people are getting insane with indoor games, some even want to bring outdoor sports in their home just to make it more accessible all the time. Table tennis is one of the most popular games that can be played both inside and outside your home. But the question is, what kind of Table Tennis Table is good for both outdoor and indoor games?

Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table with Net Set - Fully Assembled - 3 Year Warranty - Compact Storage

Buying a table tennis table can be a tough decision “for those who are not making research before they buy one.” In fact, there are several good brands that are good for both outdoor and indoor set.

Butterfly is one of the most popular and trusted brand when it comes to table tennis equipment, and now, they have this new Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table that has a compact feature, which will allow you to set a game inside your living room.

Compact Table Tennis Table

The Butterfly Compact 19 Table is designed to meet the standards of families that have always wanted a Table tennis game inside the four corners of their home, but has a lack of space to have one. And since it’s a compact edition of butterfly brand, it has the smallest size of all the other models.

The Butterfly Compact 19 Table Tennis Table is only 9x5x2.6 feet. Not just that, it is also made to have a clever folding system on legs and has come in two halves. And if you hate assembling parts, nothing to worry because this table tennis table doesn’t require any assembly – an immediate selling point right?

The unit comes in two beautiful colors, which is blue and green. This compact model is enough to satisfy the gaming experience of the whole family, even inside the house.

Sturdy Design

The Butterfly Compact 19 has a strong steel frame, making it more stable during the game. The steel frame durability also allows owners to fold and keep the table in standing position after use, which can also save a lot of floor space in your home. It also has a 19mm playing surface that gives a good bounce in every hit.

This model is not only recommended for home use; it is also ideal for school use where storage is very limited. This table tennis table comes with 2 reverse sponge bats and 3 high quality practice ball, so after unboxing the unit, you can immediately start the tournament at home.

At first sight, you wouldn’t notice that it has four wheels under, but upon separating and folding the table, the 2 wheels are located at the center of each half which can stand to make transportation easily.

Some table tennis table has good surface and standing stability, but doesn’t give a good bounce at all during the game. Well, with this Butterfly Compact 19 you will get the best bouncing experience even though you have a very limited space to move your reverse sponge bats.


  • Product Dimension: 108”x60”x30”
  • Storage Dimension: 56”x60”x36”
  • Size: 9” Long x 5” Wide
  • Weight: 167lbs.
  • Surface Thickness: 19mm
  • Surface Texture: Matte Finish
  • Warranty: 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty
  • No Assembly Required
  • Color: Bright Green/Blue


  • 1 Table Tennis Table
  • 2 Reverse Sponge Bats
  • Net
  • Butterfly Net Clip


  • Can save you a lot of space while playing, and at the same time storage
  • More compact than the regular rollaway models
  • Less headache because you don’t have to assemble it after unpacking
  • Can be use after minutes of unpacking
  • The surface color is very comfortable to the eyes of both players, unlike other table tennis table surface that has deep green colors
  • You’ve got two colors to choose with
  • Made from durable steal
  • Perfect table for those who are after top value, playability and convenience


  • It’s a bit heavy because to sturdy steel frame, still need two regular persons to set and fold
  • Twice expensive than the other brands who offer the same concept
  • It doesn’t have roll away capability
  • It doesn’t have playback capability
  • You have to fold it before moving into a distance so you can access the wheels or you will make a heavy lifting


If you want a sturdy, top brand, yet compact table tennis table that can be placed inside your home, the Butterfly Compact 19 is the best pick for you. A lot of people don’t have plenty of space inside their home to place a huge table tennis table, as well as a storage area after using it.

But this time, you have the best model to choose, and you don’t need to buy other tennis equipment to start playing because this unit has come with 2 reverse sponge bats, butterfly clip, net, and 3 high quality practice balls. Making the price reasonable.

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